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It looks like your mother!

This morning I sat with many of my relatives, including my cheery sister-in-law MJ. I get a lift from MJ’s wry sense of humor and could listen to her stories all day. As we all caught up on our news and exchanged stories, … Continue reading

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Yes, and…

Although my main goal in this sketch was to show focused listening, a secondary goal was to use blues and reds to indicate skin tone and especially shadow on the skin tones.This work with shadow is tied back to the two … Continue reading

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Campfire 2

Despite my intention of improving my sketch, ‘Let’s Sing Another One,” I somehow have switched the story of the sketch from a group singing to six individuals sitting around a single campfire seemingly lost in their own thoughts. I wanted to … Continue reading

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Let’s Sing Another One!

There is something timeless about the fire ring as a place for families to gather, talk and sing and I intend to capture this. Over the last several days I sketched in the near dark as we sat and sang around … Continue reading

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Having Fun

My big goal is to tell a story through image and today I had a great opportunity to do so. This afternoon we repainted some outside art here at my brother’s property. Here is a sketch of my two sisters working … Continue reading

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Is This a True Story Uncle Joe?

Today I did several quick sketches of my nephews. They are on the move and hard to catch but they did stay put to listen to a story told by their uncle. I was struck by the differences in apparent … Continue reading

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More Waiting

I got to looking at the sketch I posted yesterday. I used several thumbnail sketches to compose the final sketch and somehow in the process I developed two different perspectives in the same sketch. I was sitting in a chair … Continue reading

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