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Need help?

It is the first day of classes over at San Diego State University and I thought to walk up for a quick sketch. I like the exuberance of the lines in this one, and the way the yellow and pink … Continue reading

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I don’t normally draw from photos because I get tight and it shows. But I wanted to mark this day, the anniversary of my father’s death, with a reminder of his impact on our large family. My brother Joe shared a … Continue reading

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Mathematicians Socializing #2

I sketched both of the ‘Mathematicians Socializing’ yesterday but did not get a chance to finish them until today. My intent with both was to show the hard work of thinking productively. I frequently sketch people engaging in casual interactions, but … Continue reading

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Mathematicians Socializing

I have been wanting to convey people thinking together. We had an early arrival for dinner Friday and as our guest began to socialize I was able to capture two sketches of people thinking together. I did not get the hand … Continue reading

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Dog Beach

It is interesting to contrast this sketch to the one I did yesterday. The content and media are similar- dogs and people playing at the beach as shown with pencil and watercolor. However, the stories conveyed are different. Yesterday’s was alive and vital but … Continue reading

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Ocean Beach

The beach in San Diego is a great place to sketch. I wanted to convey the enthusiasm of owners and dogs chasing balls and frisbees. I used a soluble pencil to quickly capture the gist of what I saw. I am liking the soluble pencil … Continue reading

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Sleeping in my own bed again!

Our dog Luke seems very happy to be home with his assortment of beds throughout the house. Today I used line not only to draw Luke and his bed, but also to suggest the texture of the stone floor, the … Continue reading

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