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Sister reunion

Four of us sisters met up in Phoenix and began talking right away, even though it was late. I thought to convey the closeness of the relationships by showing conversation, placing the figures close together, and using similar colors for … Continue reading

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This can’t be the optimal control of the quantum oscillator, can it?

This is the fourth day I listened on the sideline as two scientists pursued an elusive relationship among their equations. Many of my sketches are about the visual beauty of people learning and thinking together. This sketch is about the labor … Continue reading

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The wedding party

We attended an amazing wedding today that started at a Buddhist temple and ended with a garden luncheon. I was charmed by the three smallest members of the wedding party and pulled out my sketchbook to see if I could … Continue reading

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Elbow to elbow, knee to knee

Even though this is an in-the-moment sketch of a Friday evening get together, I did interpret and tell a story through the emphasis I put on two figures who had different points of view. I was intrigued with the elbows on the table, the proximity of their knees … Continue reading

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Learning at a store

I happened to be in another place today where learning was going on and I was able to quickly sketch it.  I was getting technical help at the computer store, as was the customer adjacent to me.  The customer showed his need … Continue reading

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The third day of watercolor demonstrations

I am very interested in learning and what the body language of learning looks like.  Today was the third and final day of a workshop I have been attending at the San Diego Watercolor Society and a terrific opportunity to … Continue reading

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A trainer, her dog and five enthusists

I sketched this evening at our little gym and tried to capture the essence of what happens there in an hour. I wanted to convey a bit of what the different figures may be feeling along with showing motion. Our trainer … Continue reading

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