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A hat for the new year

For the final 20-minute pose at open studio, our model put on a New Year’s party hat, a creation made of feathers and a teacup. She had large soulful eyes, a downturned mouth, and a reproachful attitude, all of which I had … Continue reading

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One of my major learning goals is to convey a story through images. While waiting a bit this morning for the others to coordinate schedules, I captured the expression of someone who was listening to a story being told. The chin on a … Continue reading

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A low key Monday

It was a relaxing morning. We sat around in parallel, each doing our own thing on this Monday in the midst of the winter holiday. In my case, I was learning to use the Apple pencil with the iPad and Procreate, … Continue reading

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A dog’s point of view

The house is full of people talking, eating and playing games at the table and Luke is spending a lot of time beneath the table. I wondered about the winter holiday from Luke’s perspective, and I think it may be about waiting under the table, getting extra … Continue reading

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Can’t stop thinking

I notice that I have a theme running off and on through my blog entries, the theme of exploring the ways people work to understand elusive ideas. This sketch goes back to this theme again. This time I wanted to … Continue reading

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A quiet moment

I wanted to capture the feeling of a relaxing end to a family day. I wanted to suggest a moment of restoration through body language and symbols. I drew several quick sketches before I could settle in on which pieces of the … Continue reading

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I don’t usually draw from photos but could not resist a photo my sister sent of her new grandson. I was struck by how the child’s hands communicated his vulnerability and the adult’s hands communicated an unspoken pledge of love and … Continue reading

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