Open Studio

Open Studio 12.15 - 1

We had another expressive model today at open studio and so the three hours flew by. It is interesting how much difference the model makes. This model’s facial expression made it easy to draw him and to add in an interpretation of what may have been going on in his mind.  I kept seeing suspicion, hurt feeling, resentment, and perhaps planning and tried to make these come through.

My plan today was to think about the interplay of three basic colors and so I worked in pencil, marker, yellow ochre, Prussian blue and perylene maroon. I usually stay away from staining watercolor but the perylene maroon is so beautiful that it won me over. Later I scanned in my sketches and used Procreate to make minor adjustments.



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2 Responses to Open Studio

  1. Rebecca says:

    Sarah..this is really unique…I think you were so successful conveying the emotions. when I first viewed the drawing…I sensed anger upon reading your description I could visualize all of those. Love that you share your work eith us. Thank zyou.


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