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One more from SDSU

It was another cold day with students studying intently up at the college. This young woman in the foreground seemed to be writing a paper and had materials and books all across the table. But what caught my eye were the three … Continue reading

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Two days left in the semester

Final exams are well underway at SDSU and our weather has turned very cold. The campus is emptying out and the remaining students are scattered about the patios, cafeterias, and libraries, mostly studying alone, seeming tired but determined to use all the time left in the semester. … Continue reading

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A quick bite and sketch

Stopping for a quick bite at a taco shop was a good idea as it gave me a chance to get a few quick sketches. I like this sketch for two reasons. First, the point of view is from behind … Continue reading

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This is one of several sketches I made on the last day of a short trip.  I like this sketch because I caught a range of expression in the eyes that indicate clarity, intelligence, unspoken thoughts, openness and a lively engagement with the world.  … Continue reading

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I spent hours today continuing to read the Procreate handbook and practice digital art techniques by making adjustments to yesterday’s post, Thinking. I lengthened the body, moved the eyes, shortened the nose and chin, added worry lines to the forehead … Continue reading

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  I kept noticing the look of thinking as this young woman worked. Her expression changed as she wrote and rewrote, as though she were in an engaging conversation. At times she appeared questioning, knowing, disappointed, happy, or perplexed. This showed … Continue reading

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Airport lines

While I was waiting at the airport I noticed the general impatience and tension of the crowd as they stood in line. Not having  my sketchbook with me, I turned to my ipad and used an art app, Procreate. I … Continue reading

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