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San Diego Harbor

I waited at Harbor Island for an arrival at the nearby airport. I intended to sketch the silhouette of downtown buildings but was distracted by a sailboat and the sun glistening on the sea. I sketched in ink and watercolor. … Continue reading

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Violin practice

This is a quick sketch of my neighbor practicing the violin. He was very serious and focused as he made his way through the required pieces, one by one, and was very happy to complete the task. His long arms … Continue reading

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Corner coffee shop

While waiting to meet a friend at a corner coffee shop I happened to sit down near a couple on the patio. They were having an audible disagreement about her parents. Their body language was not friendly and I wondered if the nonverbal signals were contributing to an escalation of the disagreement. She … Continue reading

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Repair job

I noticed the look a person has when concentrating on repairing a small item. The eyes are focused up close on the work and hands. The lips are pursed, the head slightly tilted, and the body is held very still, as though … Continue reading

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Sketching the Urban Sketchers

This morning the San Diego Urban Sketchers met at the West Coast Clydesdale Ranch. We spread out and sketched buildings, horses, chickens, vegetation, corrals and the vista. As usual my attention was more focused on people and I did several different … Continue reading

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I have been thinking about how to show the reflection of light since sketching snowscapes two weeks ago and especially since sketching a puddle from some minor flooding last week.   This morning the light came in the window and through a … Continue reading

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Near the art store

One of my goals for this blog is to tell a story through image and this little sketch tells a story a few men who were people watching in a square and a few women who were walking briskly past the men. … Continue reading

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