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Admiring the View

I was in the midst of sketching the rocks at Wohl Rose Garden when an elderly man with a cane stopped along the path, his face turned up, his hands leaning on his cane, his eyes on the view. His … Continue reading

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Canna Lilies and Geraniums

In a wild garden near us plants are free to do their own thing. Canna lily leaves and geraniums intertwine and brighten up the day of those who pass by and notice. This is a watercolor and pen sketch on … Continue reading

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The Referee Report

  The decision about whether a scientific paper merits publication in a journal is usually made by fellow scientists. Decisions like these require a huge effort by the referees to understand new ideas. Many of my sketches are attempts to … Continue reading

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Passing by the Agaves

Jerusalem, like San Diego, has huge agaves succulents. The unusual shape and size of their leaves are especially fun to draw. The figure hurrying through the shadow suggests a story, perhaps one about getting home before dark. This is a … Continue reading

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What Does It All Mean?

  I didn’t get a chance to sketch until the end of the day but fortunately I had an excellent model, sleepy but fixated on making sense of a lecture on his computer. One of my goals is telling a … Continue reading

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Statue Again

I went back to the Hebrew University and sketched another view of the sculptureĀ  from last week. This time I worked at showing its energy by making it more abstract and using stronger colors. Unfortunately, I lost the look of … Continue reading

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Jaffa Street

Downtown Jerusalem has a long street shared by pedestrians, stores, sidewalk cafes, street musician, and light rail, but not cars. I was puzzled at first by what looked like a lack of barriers between the light rail and people but … Continue reading

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