Perfect Leg Rest

Perfect Leg Rest

Perfect Leg Rest

My son put his feet up for a moment and his legs leaning up and off the sofa captivated me. I cajoled him into keeping the pose long enough to sketch him using my iPad. He did not quite hold still, he moved his left hand up over his mouth, which made for an even better pose as his body language then suggested that he might well be asking himself how he could ever have gotten stuck posing for thirty minutes. I was sitting directly across from his feet, which is why they are emphasized. I wonder what the sketch might have been like if I had shifted my position further to the right and exaggerated the feet even more.

While I was glad this sketch included body language, my all time favorite sketching element, my deliberate learning focus this week is showing light. The late morning light made for interesting highlights and shadows, which I exaggerated. I used Snapseed to bring out the detail in the brush strokes and shading as a way to show how the light added visual interest to the sketch. 

This sketch was done mostly using Procreate but with some help from Photos and Snapseed. 


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  1. Beverly Barrett says:

    Great. Let’s chip in and find him a longer sofa! Welcome home. We are home too!!

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