Debate Night Body Language

Debate Night Body Language

Debate Night Body Language

Another debate means I had another chance to sketch along and interpret for 90-minutes. This sketch is a composite of three different sketches, which I arranged later after the debate using Procreate. By that time I had seen enough of their body language to know I wanted to show a surly Mr. Trump following a confident Mrs. Clinton around the stage. Trump’s hand is over his genitals to remind us about his thoughts about women. An abstract design indicating the town hall audience went behind the two figures.

I wanted Mrs. Clinton’s expression to show more of a “He didn’t say that, did he?” Alas, I couldn’t figure out how to show it better. I like the way Mr. Trump turned out stout and cranky.

I initially drew on multimedia paper with a water-soluble pencil and then imported the three sketches into Procreate where I added color. Later I used Snapseed to make adjustments to the values and textures.

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  1. Beverly Barrett says:

    I just hate it when someone threatening stands behind me like Trump did during the debate. I hope security was close by. You caught it, expressions, but in my mind’s he eye he looked to be 10 ft tall

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