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Boats at Shelter Island

The landscape class met today for the first of three sessions at Shelter Island in San Diego. It was beautiful but I had trouble capturing the look of boats in water. I wanted to be able to define the individual … Continue reading

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Woman with a Scarf

OurĀ figure drawing class is working on portraits, which pleases me greatly. It was wonderful to hear someone knowledgeable talk about the structure of human heads and the art of drawing likenesses. We worked on placing features and most of us … Continue reading

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Grading Exams in a Camper

Last night we sat in our camper, sharing a very small space, while Peter marked his midterms and I sketched. I liked watching his range of expressions as he considered each exam, particularly his delight, dismay, puzzlement, surprise, and approval. … Continue reading

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After the Storm

Yesterday we had a pretty good storm for San Diego and I was eager to get out to Cabrillo National Monument and enjoy its aftermath. There was a brisk breeze, the sky was cloudy and foggy, and the sea was … Continue reading

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Working with PastelsĀ 

I went with a large group of Urban Sketchers to the Bernardo Winery this morning and sketched a nearby artist who was also working with pastels. I liked her intense focus on her work and the way her face and … Continue reading

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Street Ball

I looked out my window and saw my young neighbor shooting hoops and dribbling the ball around the street. I was able to get a few quick charcoal lines that showed his movement, drawing him several times on this same … Continue reading

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Mission Bay Morning in November

  Yesterday the landscape painting class met at Mission Bay where I did two watercolor sketches. Although the fog was pretty much burnt off by the time I started this second sketch, I continued my earlier focus on showing the … Continue reading

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