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Hillside Path

Yesterday I was looking for a subject so I could practice applying flat color with a single brushstroke. There is a corner of our hillside yard that is shaded in the afternoon but also gets some rays of sunlight through a wooden … Continue reading

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Holiday Shopping

It was a long line and the bright bouquet in the arms of a fellow shopper kept catching my eye. I began to watch as she interacted with her companion. They seemed so glad to be with each other that it made me glad … Continue reading

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May Visions of Beauty Dance in Our Heads!

Sending everyone great good wishes for the coming year.   Happy Holidays to All!

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Two Snuggling Rhinos at the Zoo

I started this yesterday at the zoo but the rhinos got up before I finished. This is a pastel and gouache sketch on black Bristol paper.

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Three Giraffes and Three People

Continuing today to work with gouache, I went to the zoo in hopes of sketching people interacting with each other and the animals. This time I used the studier Bristol paper, but fumbled a bit with managing the materials in … Continue reading

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Hot Chocolate and Christmas Stories

  I went to a delightful ‘Hot Chocolate and Christmas Stories’ party today. It was mostly for the small children of teachers from the school I used to work at and it was wonderful to see the enjoyment they all got from … Continue reading

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More Christmas Cactus

I follow many artists on social media and study their work for inspiration. Someone I especially admire is Menina Ricci; particularly for the way she uses color and brushwork. She often paints with gouache on black paper and you can see her work … Continue reading

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