Flowers in a Vase

In a Vase

Flowers in a Vase

I kept working on flowers today, which was really about working on color, line, harmony and contrast. It was a lot to think about and I took several photos of the sketch as I worked on it.

As you can see, it was good that I took a photo of the first sketch before adding background color in the second and then darkening it in the third. The loss of contrast between the flower and the background detracted from the focus and I did not like the second and third versions at all. Eventually I went back to the first photo and imported it into Procreate where I was able to keep working on it until I got a result I like.

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8 Responses to Flowers in a Vase

  1. diane sullivan says:

    Bill and I think it’s beautiful.

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  2. Sheila says:

    So Sarah, is some of the final image completed in Procreate? You are an amazing creator!


    • Sheila, thank you so much for your encouragement!

      In the final image I made considerable changes with Procreate on my iPad because the actual sketch was no longer able to take physical change. Using Procreate I darkened some of the pencil lines from the original image using the ‘pencil’ tool. I added a totally new background with different proportions and more variation in color and value using the ‘gouache’ and the ‘recolor’ tools. The table takes up more area in the final sketch with more table at the lower edge and more table behind the vase as well. Finally, I cropped the sketch to eliminate the blossom on the right. I was not careful with the first photo as I did not expect to use it. You can see that the lighting is uneven in it. This was a lucky accident as it made interesting textures in the final version when I used the ‘recolor’ tool.


  3. Wow…..beautiful and to me it looks like a felted piece! What kind of paper did you use?


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