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A Second Moonless Night

This is a second attempt at sketching our street from photographs taken at night. Last night’s sky had reds in it and I think that is more interesting than today’s purples. Both skies were made with lots of wet paint dropped … Continue reading

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Streetlight on a Moonless Night

The moonless sky was gorgeous tonight. There were layers of color in it and the lights on the canyon across from us gleamed.  I took a few photos and used them for guidance on this sketch, working in the light … Continue reading

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Poinsettia Season

The huge poinsettias are in the stores and that means it is time to bring a few home and paint them again. This is probably the first of several that I will sketch in the next month or so. This … Continue reading

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Mediterranean Garden

I was planning on refining yesterday’s sketch but when I got up to the college a large delivery truck was blocking the view that I painted yesterday. As it turned out, this was good luck for me. I walked on … Continue reading

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Near the Student Union

Sometimes I walk up to the college at the end of the day. Now that it is getting dark so early, the campus has a wintery feeling. I really enjoy the light in the windows and archways, against the dark walls … Continue reading

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Torrey Pines Beach

It is worth the 30-minute drive to paint at Torrey Pines. The day was gorgeous, slightly cold, and windy enough for good wave action. I focused on capturing the water current and cloud action with my brushstrokes. This is a … Continue reading

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A Mid November Night

This evening I revisited my fireplace sketch from last week and had the same issue with the colors not being deep enough. Last week I applied heavy coats of pastel over the gouache in order to deepen the color. This … Continue reading

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