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A Message from Afar

I have not had much time for sketching this past week but did use my iPad to sketch two people looking at a phone today. I like the way the secondary figure is faint, perhaps suggesting that he is far … Continue reading

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Sketching My Nephew on His Birthday

We skyped this evening with our nephew to offer our birthday wishes for him. It was also a good chance to sketch him on my iPad and to notice his resemblance to his father.

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Napping on the Couch

  My son drifted asleep on the couch, taking a needed nap after driving down from the bay area. His sleeping face still reminds me of his baby years, and I could not resist sketching him. I guess you should … Continue reading

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Stopping for a Taco

A few days ago I stopped for a taco in the late afternoon. The shop was quiet, and I got an excellent seat for drawing. The ceiling of this shop has lots of interesting shapes and color, and I have had … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays!

  Happy Holidays to Everyone!

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A Second Stuffed Bird

Yesterday I drew this bird but did not like the background. Today I added more gouache paint to the background and scraped it around.  Then I made the sketch less dark and cropped it by using Photos and Procreate.

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Two Stuffed Birds

Today I did something new and sketched stuffed birds. The San Diego Watercolor Society created several still life compositions featuring birds and invited members to come by for a few hours. I expected that since stuffed birds are unable to fly … Continue reading

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Fixing the Sidewalk

This is a pastel and gouache sketch of a man fixing the sidewalk. I liked his bright shirt against the gray of the street.

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Photoshop Final Project

This past fall I had the thought that it would be a great idea to take a Photoshop class and learn how to manipulate images digitally.  In spite of the challenges of remembering how to use the keyboard as an … Continue reading

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My Brother and Grandson

My brother met his grandson this week. Of course, it was well documented, and I have looked at one particular photo many times. It shows the contrast in age and size, the beauty of the child and in particular, the complex mixture of … Continue reading

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Musicians at Balboa Park

It is really warm in Southern California just now. Today is December 15, and Balboa Park was full of people dressed for summer and enjoying San Diego’s weather, museums, green spaces, and trails. I spent the morning at the art museum … Continue reading

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Peñasquitos Lagoon Again

I wanted to go back to the location where I painted yesterday to paint again today but was too busy. Instead, in the evening, I used yesterday’s painting along with a few photos and painted at my desk. My intention … Continue reading

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Peñasquitos Lagoon and Valley

This morning my Wednesday group painted near the visitor center at Torrey Pines State Reserve. We stood up on a hill and looked north across the lagoon and hills. I wanted to show how the lagoon empties into the sea … Continue reading

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Oh, Those Poinsettias!

I could not resist painting poinsettias again today. After I finished the gouache painting, I used an app, Snapseed, to heighten the color. The original sketch, although bright, pales in comparison to this adjusted sketch above.

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Dancers from the Nutcracker

Today I refined some of the sketches I made yesterday at the dress rehearsal for the California Ballet’s Nutcracker. Because I worked rapidly in the dark yesterday, trying to capture the gestures of the dancers, the sketches were raw. So … Continue reading

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The Nutcracker

I was able to go to a dress rehearsal this evening of the California Ballet’s The Nutcracker, along with other artists from my sketching class. We had first row seats and were able to sketch and paint throughout the full … Continue reading

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Fishing at Shelter Island

We are in the midst of a Santa Ana weather event, which means low humidity and high winds. So far it has not been as extreme here in the city of San Diego as it has in the mountains east … Continue reading

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Admiring Pacific Beach

I went to Pacific Beach today to paint the shoreline. I walked down aways to an empty spot and did a few speed sketches of the swirls in the water, air, and sand. After a while, a man set up his … Continue reading

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Trees on a Plaza

I walked up to the college this morning and did four rapid sketches of the trees on a plaza. All four are abstracts painted with white and the three primary colors, yellow, red and blue. I wanted to remind myself … Continue reading

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Poinsettias in a Dark Room

I was trudging away at my computer but distracted by the poinsettias at the other side of the room. It has been a few days since I sketched and I wanted to get back on track. I painted quickly and … Continue reading

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