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A Message from Afar

I have not had much time for sketching this past week but did use my iPad to sketch two people looking at a phone today. I like the way the secondary figure is faint, perhaps suggesting that he is far … Continue reading

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Sketching My Nephew on His Birthday

We skyped this evening with our nephew to offer our birthday wishes for him. It was also a good chance to sketch him on my iPad and to notice his resemblance to his father.

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Napping on the Couch

  My son drifted asleep on the couch, taking a needed nap after driving down from the bay area. His sleeping face still reminds me of his baby years, and I could not resist sketching him. I guess you should … Continue reading

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Stopping for a Taco

A few days ago I stopped for a taco in the late afternoon. The shop was quiet, and I got an excellent seat for drawing. The ceiling of this shop has lots of interesting shapes and color, and I have had … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays!

  Happy Holidays to Everyone!

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A Second Stuffed Bird

Yesterday I drew this bird but did not like the background. Today I added more gouache paint to the background and scraped it around.  Then I made the sketch less dark and cropped it by using Photos and Procreate.

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Two Stuffed Birds

Today I did something new and sketched stuffed birds. The San Diego Watercolor Society created several still life compositions featuring birds and invited members to come by for a few hours. I expected that since stuffed birds are unable to fly … Continue reading

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