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Fountain at Mission San Diego Alcala

Back in San Diego, I got out to the Mission de San Diego Alcala. This is a a 9 X 9-inch gouache sketch of the fountain as seen through a massive aloe vera succelent.

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One Last Afternoon at the Beach

We spent a last afternoon on the beach yesterday and I did my best to soak up as much of the scene as possible. Mazatlan is a charming city with a gracious people. The seaside, framed by old brightly painted … Continue reading

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Sunset Comes to the Olas Altas

The busy street along Mazatlan’s Olas Altas is transformed four evenings a week into a pedestrian walkway. Children take to the street with their bikes, families stroll, neighbors touch base, young couples connect, and visitors marvel at its glorious beauty.

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The Art of Waiting

Sometimes, rather than pack up my sketching gear, it is easier to take my iPad when I go out. Yesterday my sister and I stopped for a pedicure here in Mazatlan and as I looked out I was glad I … Continue reading

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Along the Beach

It is great to be out on the beach, with the gorgeous light, breeze and activity. With so much to see and sketch, it makes me feel rich. This is part of a series of quick gesture sketches.

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Late Night Scrabble Players

While my fellow Scrabble players carefully and slowly calculated potential Scrabble moves last night, I happily documented their efforts. I like this sketch because the figure on the right seems to be thinking strategically while the figure on the left … Continue reading

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Looking North along the Olas Altas in Mazatlan

I sometimes enjoy making quick sketches, like this one from the beach yesterday. The rapid changes of the sea, people, and light lend an urgency to the decision making and leave very little time to hesitate over a difficult call. … Continue reading

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