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Morning Sun at Pacific Beach

I loved the wintery redwoods from last week, but it felt great to start and finish a sketch in the relative warmth of San Diego this morning. We are experiencing a cold spell here too but, as you can see, … Continue reading

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Under the Redwoods II

Using photographs from our recent camping trip in Humbolt County, I spent the day trying to convey how very large and old the redwoods are. I will need to keep working on this but want to share the two sketches that … Continue reading

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Under the Redwoods

We camped for several days in the Redwoods of Northern California. We had lots of rain, mist, cold and wind, and between hiking excursions greatly appreciated the heating system in our camper van. Although it is wonderful to be back … Continue reading

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Sitting Figure

I liked the way the model sat on the platform, centered by a hula-hoop and leaning against a wall but was at a loss about how to finish it when I drew it last Thursday. Today I added more paint … Continue reading

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What’s with the view to her left?

This model had attitude, and it showed in the way she sat and evaluated what was going on out towards her left side.  I liked the way I captured her expression in this sketch but felt it lacked the context needed … Continue reading

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Hold That Hat!

I spent some time today looking through old sketchbooks. This was an unfinished sketch. Today I added gouache color and made it more abstract.

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It was the last pose of the morning, and our model seemed to radiate a sense of waiting. She sat on the edge of her stool, leaning back but not at rest. She looked off into the distance as though … Continue reading

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The Campanile at SDSU

We had a somewhat overcast morning, which made the colors outside seem especially rich. Or maybe it was the spring green on the treetops. In any case, the campanile, or bell tower, peeking over the communication building at San Diego … Continue reading

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Stone Family

When we were in Mazatlan recently, I bought a small sculpture made from stones, seedpods, wire, and wood. The way the sculptor, using simple materials, was able to say so much impressed me. I have been sketching the piece because I like its rhythm … Continue reading

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Spring Nudges Santee Lakes

The San Diego Watercolor Society met this morning at Santee Lakes, just east of San Diego. We are moving into spring here, although without as much green as usual since we have had very little rain. The bare trees across the … Continue reading

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