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Keep Families Together

What could be more American than celebrating the Fourth of July with your family? Picnics, rodeos, reunions, fireworks, we spend the day enjoying each other and the blessings of a good life in a good country. As we get ready … Continue reading

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Cabin Near Estes Park

Yesterday I wrote about trying to find the cabin near Estes Park that once belonged to my college roommate’s family. Today, with directions from my friend, I was able to find it. Part of the problem, in addition to the … Continue reading

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Rocky Mountain National Park Overlook

Forty some years ago, I spent some time in the Estes Park Colorado area with my college roommate. I remember how beautiful it was and I was eager to see it all again. This morning I drove up into the … Continue reading

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View from the Flatirons

We are in the Boulder Colorado area for a few days. This morning I went up on the Flatirons above Boulder and admired the view. From the Flatirons, the Great Plains seem to begin at the edge of Boulder and … Continue reading

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How wonderful to finish a meal at a sidewalk cafe in Portugal and then sit and admire the landscape. This is a 12 X 12- inch gouache sketch on black paper.

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Tree Lined Street in Guimarães

The old part of Guimarães is full of picturesque streets, walls, gardens, churches, and buildings. This particular street is close to where we are staying. I like its tall and shady trees, and the contrast of the trees against the … Continue reading

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Portuguese Garden on a June Morning

In the morning before it got hot, I sketched in the shade of the Centro Cultural Vila Flor in Guimarães. The garden has massive trees with branches that intermingle and offer cover from the sun. In this sketch I wanted … Continue reading

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Guimarães and Children

We are in a new-to-us city, Guimarães, Portugal. It is an UNESCO World Heritage Site because the city has maintained its medieval character while also developing into a modern city. The city is quite a change for me from my … Continue reading

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Abstract of German Sheep in a Field

Before we move on in the morning, I had to walk out to the fields along the edge of Garmisch-Partenkirchen and sketch the sheep one last time.

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Eibsee and Bike

This was probably too ambitious a composition-cloudy sky, mountains, lake, bike, and a bench with a person, but before I leave Bavaria I wanted to have a sketch that shows it all. So, I worked to captures the incredible beauty … Continue reading

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Cows and Clouds

I am getting a kick out of painting cows here in Bavaria. Just about every walk away from the center of Garmisch-Partenkirchen offers the opportunity to sketch these beautiful animals. It is still rainy and the sky is filled with … Continue reading

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Bavarian Sheep

It was a wild and rainy day today here near Garmisch-Partenkirchen and the sheep who yesterday were at the far edge of their pasture were back in the center. It may be that with their heavy coats that a warm … Continue reading

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Bavarian Cows

Yesterday evening as we walked through the Bavarian countryside at dusk, we came across a flock of sheep. The sheep lifted their heads and stared us down and I was charmed by them. So I planned to return today with … Continue reading

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Drawing in the Bavarian Alps

I have somehow made it from Denmark to Bavaria in Southern Germany without posting a single sketch. Fortunately, I will have lots of time this week to sketch and hope to learn something about painting alpine scenes. This 12 X … Continue reading

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Old Friends at Work

My husband and I have been visiting Denmark. One of its attractions is meeting up with our many old friends. The first Dane we ever met was in grad school 1975 and since that time I have often sketched this … Continue reading

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Under the Influence of Münter and Calder

I was delighted to see that the Louisiana Museum in Denmark has a retrospective exhibition of Gabriele Münter’s paintings and photographs. It is an impressive collection and covers the 50- 60 years of her work. It was an opportunity to … Continue reading

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Woods Near Vaerelose Denmark

Woods Near Vaerelose Denmark There is a woods near where we are staying in Vaerelose, north of Copenhagen. It is full of tall trees whose lines are partially emphasized with sunlight in the late afternoon. It is a beautiful place … Continue reading

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