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Along the Galloping Goose Trail

Among the many gorgeous trails in the Telluride area is the Galloping Goose. It was built along the old railroad tracks and descends down through aspen, fur, and flowers, from Telluride to Illium. It was a perfect choice for my … Continue reading

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San Juan Mountain Path

The sun was intense as I stood in the shade and sketched. Even through my dark glasses the shade from the pine trees that fell across the path contrasted strongly with sunny areas of the mountain path. When I got … Continue reading

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Telluride Town Talk

During the summer, the Telluride Science Research Center offers a weekly talk of general interest by a visiting scientist. I enjoy these talks because they are provocative- for instance, today‚Äôs topic was, Geo-Engineering a Climate Change Solution. But even better, … Continue reading

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Two Fishermen

I went down to Elk Pond today to practice painting reflections. It was a beautiful morning and the colors of the trees, sky, and mountains were sharp and clear. However, I soon found that painting water reflections is similar to … Continue reading

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Two Aspen Trees

This is a second version of the last sketch I posted showing the view from the window here in Telluride. In fact, it was my first try of this view but I put it aside thinking that I could do … Continue reading

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View from a Telluride Window

Looking out the window here in Telluride, there is an almost overwhelming amount of greenery. It is framed against a grey sky and purple and blue mountains. The greens flow together and the tree trunks give it some structure. This … Continue reading

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Puddles after the Rain

We are back in Colorado. Yesterday, as we left the Four Corners area, we were treated to an intense monsoonal lighting storm. We stopped for the night at McPhee Reservoir and I was able to sketch the puddles on the … Continue reading

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Artist at Work

  This morning I went to see a local artist, who I admire very much, paint. I also got in a few sketches of my fellow observers. My eye was caught by the posture of three women who sat on … Continue reading

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Running up the Path

I was sitting on a shady bench in the Japanese Friendship Garden at Balboa Park, thinking about how to show the sunlight on the path. I noticed three young women, probably in their early years of high school, running up … Continue reading

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San Carlos Canyon View

One of my friends lives on a canyon in San Carlos, a neighborhood in San Digo. She has an incredible view from her patio that goes all the way across town, practically to the sea. She graciously opened her home, … Continue reading

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Five Sunflowers

I wanted to make this a little abstract by emphasizing the geometric shapes of the water in the vase and the windows in the back right. I wonder if I should try placing the vase so that it is a … Continue reading

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Not Far From Alpine

We celebrated the Fourth of July with the ‘old timer’s group’ from my husband’s work. We met in El Cajon at our friends’ home, enjoyed the view, took photos, shared dinner, and capped off the day by watching fireworks. It … Continue reading

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Welcome Small Human!

I have not seen him yet, but my sister sent pictures of her first grandchild, who is totally gorgeous. Is there anything as beautiful as a newborn child? I have trouble working from photos, regardless of subject. I tend to … Continue reading

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Trunks in a Meadow

  I love the look of tree trunks against the grasses and shrubs in a meadow. And I also like the layered look that the different grasses in a field make, stretching from edge to edge. I did not have … Continue reading

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