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Looking Afar II

Yesterday I did a series of 20-minute sketches of a wonderful model. She had a pensive air that was communicated through her long limbs and facial expressions. Although I had to work fast, choosing colors and brushes was intuitive because … Continue reading

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Looking Afar

I painted with other painters Thursday morning. Our model seemed pensive and trying to capture this in a sketch became my goal for the morning. I got a good start in this twenty-minute sketch and left the studio with several … Continue reading

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Tree by the Bay

Today I sketched down by Mission Point near San Diego’s Mission Beach. There was an abundance of possible subjects and I opted for a cheerful tree by the bay. This is a gouache sketch on a 12 X 12-inch sheet … Continue reading

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Colorado River

  The Colorado River is magnificent as it flows through Utah. It is stunning and I worked to capture its beauty in this sketch. Most people know that the Colorado River carved the Grand Canyon and is an indispensable source … Continue reading

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Early Morning on a Ranch

Last week we spent a night on a friend’s ranch in Utah. In the morning, I heard footsteps and looked out the window to see our host going out to start his day. It was really early. The sun was … Continue reading

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Morning Shines on the Mesa

The sandstone rocks of Southwest Utah are stunning. I did not have time to paint there so I compensated by taking as many photos as I could. Today I began to look at them, especially the ones with strong lighting. … Continue reading

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Lounging with a Strawberry

  I missed a week of painting while traveling and it was wonderful to meet up with friends today at the San Diego Watercolor Society and sketch for a long morning. We did 5, 10, and 20-minute poses, this one … Continue reading

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