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Beach Day!

What could be more delightful than the beach on the last day of September? I wanted to capture all the swimmers, birds, surf, splashes, waves,  and fun of summer. This is a gouache and charcoal sketch on brown paper.

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Three Giraffes

Here are three very sweet giraffes from the San Diego Zoo. This started off as a gouache and charcoal sketch on brown paper, and then I imported the sketch into Procreate on my iPad and added the gray wall and … Continue reading

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On the Rocks at Yosemite

My cousin, who is an amazing artist, has been working with gouache on brown paper. She sent me a photo of a recent painting and it was so gorgeous that it caused me to paint the day away on brown … Continue reading

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By the Pond’s Edge

We stopped by Loomis California to visit relatives and had the added bonus of a gorgeous pond. This is a 9 X 9-inch gouache sketch on black paper.

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Waiting for Morning at Yosemite

This morning I got up early from my campsite and caught the early morning light as the sun began to rise over the mountains at Yosemite National Park. This is a 9 X 9-inch gouache sketch.

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The Romantic Came Next

Yesterday, the woman who posed for our figure class brought costumes. For the second portion of the morning, she dressed as a dreamy romantic and leaned against the studio wall. I made more use of the acrylic markers in this … Continue reading

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Frida Dress-up Day

Our model today came with costumes and started the day dressed as Frida Kahlo. I used acrylic markers and gouache and had fun trying to capture the Frida spirit.

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