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Another View of Ajax Peak

I think I painted Ajax Peak 8 times from various locations in my 10 days here in Telluride, and this sketch is my latest from this series. It is interesting how much the lighting on the mountain changes depending on … Continue reading

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Stormy Morning in the San Juan Mountains

I began this sketch mid-morning under a cloudy sky. I liked the contrast between the way the greens far away were dulled by by the stormy light while the greens close to me still had spark. The storm soon took … Continue reading

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Along the San Miguel River

I painted quite a few small sketches of places in or near Telluride Colorado in the past day. This is my favorite because it is loose, suggestive, and bright.

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Along the Bear Creek Trail

I hiked up Bear Creak just outside Telluride and stopped to paint at an overlook. I liked the way the nearby mountains framed the distant mountains with a curve. As I was painting, a couple sat on a nearby log … Continue reading

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Elk Herd

Yesterday while I was painting the iconic view of Ajax Peak, which towers over Telluride, a herd of elk came to the meadow which was on my left. Despite my excitement at seeing a herd of 50 elk, it was … Continue reading

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Back in Colorado

Back in Colorado Now that we are back in Colorado, I am reacquainting myself with the colors and shapes on the San Juan Mountains. So many greens and so many different kinds of rocks and cliffs. And then showing the … Continue reading

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Hollyhocks from a Friend

Hollyhocks from a Friend My friend gave me a gorgeous bouquet of hollyhocks. It is not a flower we see much of out here in California, and every time I passed them today I kept thinking how much fun they … Continue reading

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