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My Neighbor Came Back for Lemons

As soon I went outside this morning, my neighbor popped over the fence. He may not respect my efforts to hide from the coronavirus, but his charming way of looking intently at objects, such as these two lemons, make up … Continue reading

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A Neighbor Dropped by for Coffee

I was beginning on the third version of ‘Sunshine on a Patio’. This time I wanted to paint it with a bright orange coffee mug for a focal point. I planned to feature the sunlight on the top of the … Continue reading

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More Sunshine on a Patio

I love the mix of light and shade as it falls on a landscape. Something unexpected about sheltering-in-place has been how much more time I have to admire it. Now I am trying my hand at showing what it looks … Continue reading

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Sunshine on a Patio

The interplay of shadows and light on the patio caught my attention. I liked the shadows cast by the furniture and the unseen trees and wanted to capture it with my gouache paints.

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Zoom Sketches

A habit I developed during my school and working years is drawing the people around me whenever I am in a listening situation. I had a positive attitude about lectures and meetings because they gave me a chance to sketch … Continue reading

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In a Canyon

I notice now, after six weeks of sheltering-in-place, that our daily walk has gone from a duty to a treat. We have gotten away from our predictable 40-minute routine and moved out much further from home, seeing something wonderful most … Continue reading

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That House on Adams Street

We have been taking long walks and venturing along roads we would not normally go along. Yesterday we came across a house on a corner lot that must belong to dedicated gardeners. There was a wonderful collection of colors, textures, … Continue reading

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