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Lake Murray on an October Morning

I had eucalyptus trees on my mind when I set off for Lake Murray early this morning. But the lake itself captivated me and the trees became secondary elements. I could have spent the day watching the light and wind … Continue reading

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Held by a Chair

Our model yesterday for the Fresno Zoom sketching group seemed so tired. Exhaustion seemed to rise from her bones and onto my sketch. She was sitting on a conventional couch but I wanted to emphasize the support the furniture gave … Continue reading

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Near Lake Hodges

I painted near Lake Hodges today, just north of San Diego. We are nearing the end of our dry season and the water in the lake is nearly gone, but even so, the foliage is greener than most of the … Continue reading

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Masks in the Pumpkin Patch

There were lots of parents and kids at the pumpkin patch this morning, and each sported a masks. Not the traditional sort of Halloween masks, but the the new normal kind. I squeezed in as many people as I could … Continue reading

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The Sun Comes Up on a Misty Morning

The marine layer was still heavy when I met my friends at San Dieguito Lagoon. The pathways of the tidal flow were beautiful and immediately became my focus. The sun, masked by fog, was just showing above the hills, and … Continue reading

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Painter at the End of the Garden

Last Friday, after finishing ‘Because of the Gardeners,’ it was still early. I looked around thinking that I could at least get a good start on a second piece. I noticed how the walkways led to my friend, who was … Continue reading

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Because of the Gardeners

Balboa Park has become something of a steady date in the heat. Its shade, beauty, peace, and variety are a huge draw. Today I painted in Alcazar Garden, a formal garden with boxwood hedges and mature tropical plants. I was … Continue reading

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