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Oh, To Be A Back Seat Driver Again!

Well, it doesn’t hurt to think about traveling again, does it? Our camper is calling and surely it won’t be much longer.

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By a Pyramid

In December, when we went into a COVID related regional lockdown, I began a notebook for doing small imaginative sketches. I thought that since I could not get out for plein air painting, that at least I could learn a … Continue reading

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Problem Solving

Our Tuesday night Zoom model is also an artist. He put up one of his paintings on his easel and spent the next two hours thinking about it while posing for our group. I decided not to include his easel, … Continue reading

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A Good Storm

My mother loved a good wind and rainstorm. She lived her life in Arizona, where storms were rare, and regarded each as a treat. When the winds built up and the rains came, we were the kids on the block … Continue reading

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Model in a Closet

The Tuesday night Zoom model sat in her closet, surrounded by an abundance of clothing and accessories. The richness of the pose was exciting and I worked to capture as much of it as I could. But the sketch got … Continue reading

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And Around Again

While we are under the Coronavirus stay-at-home order, I have been making small experimental paintings. I began this one by making random marks with gray ink and wax medium on slick Bristol paper. I added the color with gouache and … Continue reading

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She Went for Haughty

Yesterday, our Tuesday night Zoom model dressed in an old fashioned blue gown and held a lace parasol. She told us she was going to do a haughty pose, to go along with the outfit. I think I caught more … Continue reading

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