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Alpine Meadow

I climbed up Telluride’s Bear Creek Trail a few miles and rested in an alpine meadow. I had paper, pastel pencils, and gouache along, but there was so much to look at and so many different angles to choose from … Continue reading

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Telluride on a Quiet Evening

Telluride, a small town in western Colorado, is known for its ski slopes and summer festivities. Quiet Telluride evenings are a rarity in the summer, but I snapped a photo of one yesterday and then painted this later. Quiet or … Continue reading

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Aspens along the Telluride River Trail

Following up on yesterday’s post, I went to another grove of aspen today, this one along the Telluride River Trail. In today’s sketch, some of the aspen trees are much closer to the viewer, giving a stronger sense of being … Continue reading

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The Ridge Trail

The Ridge Trail near Telluride climbs through a forest of fir trees, aspen, rocks, and meadows. I need to go back and do several more of these until I understand how to convey aspen. Even so, I like this sketch … Continue reading

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Willows, Cottonwoods, and Cliffs

I painted the same scene yesterday, but today’s sketch is from a vantage point about a half-mile further west.

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Cottonwoods and Cliffs

There was a competing view to the view I last posted. If you turn 90 degrees to the south from the spectacular mountains I painted yesterday, there is a meadow edged with cottonwood trees and sandstone cliffs. I had difficulty … Continue reading

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Showers above Telluride

We are in the small mountain town of Telluride, Colorado, for a few weeks. This afternoon I biked down the valley a mile or so and sketched for a few hours. As I worked, the sky clouded, and the mountains … Continue reading

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