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Happy Halloween!

We made pumpkin people tonight by stacking two pumpkins, one for the head and one for the belly, and forks for the arms and hands. They were so cute that I had to paint them. Then, with a little help … Continue reading

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Along the Mississippi River

We drove from Kansas City to Chicago last week and followed the Mississippi River through most of Iowa. The river, the farm fields, and the striking fall colors made it hard to keep my eyes on the road at times. … Continue reading

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At the Couch Office

– We each have a preferred place for working, and my daughter’s favorite place has long been the couch. She can work anywhere but is especially productive when curled up on a cozy couch with a pen, notebook, and computer. … Continue reading

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Pellegrino and Peaches

I got to set up the Tuesday evening Zoom still-life for my group today. It is challenging to think of something new, but when I saw the large jar of peaches on the shelf in the store, I knew I … Continue reading

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Pursuing the Dream

My husband’s young cousin was married at a beautiful ceremony Saturday evening in the Chicago area. The newlyweds have a dream and are working hard at having it all; a home with a huge yard, many children, sunsets, and a … Continue reading

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It was a sad Sunday for the Chiefs and their fans

I don’t often watch football but I was in Kansas City with a preponderance of people who love the KC Chiefs. I was delighted to sit and sketch their expressions while the Chiefs battled their rival, the Buffalo Bills. It … Continue reading

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Wedding Congratulations to an Adventurous Couple

Saturday evening, we celebrated my nephew and his beloved. These two young people amaze me with their love of adventure, nature, and beauty, and I wanted to capture this feeling in the card I made for them.

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