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Philodendron and Amaryllis

It is Tuesday, which means it is still-life painting on Zoom. Tonight we painted an amaryllis along with several philodendron leaves. I like a shapely philodendron leaf because its irregular border and empty spaces are so much fun to draw.

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Tuesday Night Still-life

Our Tuesday night still-life group met online, and we were quickly engrossed and painting away. The pot was tilted on its side and I spent forever trying to get the angles of the mouth and sides to look right. I … Continue reading

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Boulders and Meadows

Saturday, we went out to Lakeside for the monthly paintout with the San Diego Watercolor Society. Shuang Li gave a terrific demo, and then we all painted. It was such a beautiful day, full of irresistible subjects, clouds, boulders, fresh … Continue reading

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Goodbye San Pancho

An interior scene is an unusual yet fitting ​final sketch for our two weeks in San Pancho. On our first day here, my sister-in-law received a stunning birthday bouquet from our cousin. It captured my eye the entire time we … Continue reading

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Sharing a Towel

Today is Constitution Day in Mexico, and the beach here in San Pancho was full of people enjoying the long weekend. A lot was going on, and I had trouble deciding what to sketch. Eventually, I noticed a young couple … Continue reading

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Breakfast at the Cielo Rojo

A leisurely breakfast while sketching delights me, and San Pancho is the perfect place for this indulgence. The Cielo Rojo, a few blocks from where we are staying, is full of art, color, movement, and good food. I wanted to … Continue reading

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Loving the Waves

The waves here in San Pancho are full of force and beauty, as are the people who play in the surf. I watched a mom and baby play along the water’s edge before I got into sketching them. Initially, the … Continue reading

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