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Art under the Ponderosa Trees

We were a multigenerational group yesterday as we painted under the ponderosa pines. This sketch shows two of my nieces working, perhaps some of the younger or older ones will show up in a future post.

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Junipers and the Sneffels Range

I found a place where I could see a row of juniper trees leading off to Mount Sneffels, some 30 miles from here. The repeating shapes of the rocks, the trees, and the mountains, contrasted with the meadow in the … Continue reading

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Junipers across the Meadow

One of my favorite subjects here in Colorado are juniper trees. Their round, irregular shapes catch my eye. In this vista, I really enjoyed their look along the edge of the meadow.

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Colorado Greens

The many shades of green in the Colorado San Juan Mountains shift as the day changes. This sketch is from the late afternoon on Saturday. The deep greens from the forest are set off by the spring greens of the … Continue reading

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Horseshoes at Sunset

I have been finishing up some sketches I did on our recent trip to Colorado. I liked the light that came across the forest floor during our horseshoe game.

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Goodnight Forest

Goodnight Forest When I was camping on my brother’s land earlier this month, I came across a weathered piece of wood that had a large knot. I thought right away how the grain of the wood and the knot looked … Continue reading

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The Sneffels Range in the Morning

I got up very early to paint one last Colorado scene from a favorite viewpoint that includes the meadow, pond, and Sneffels Range. The lighting at dawn changes rapidly, and this sketch shows the sun as it lit up bits … Continue reading

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