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A Great Nephew

My great-nephew has a bright personality and is making our reunion lively and fun, especially for those of us in my generation. He sat still long enough for me to do a quick sketch. I think you can see his … Continue reading

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A Seven-Letter Word that Means Fun?

For my family, a reunion means playing games together. These two jumped right into a crossword puzzle first thing this morning. I like this sketch because I think it captures the momentary bafflement that makes puzzles so much fun.

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The Summer Reunion Begins!

We traveled home from Denmark, recovered from Covid, got into our camper, made it to Colorado for our annual family reunion, and then spent the first day painting with my sisters. It felt so good to be painting again. This … Continue reading

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Checking the Scores

My great-nephew is a great kid. He is an enthusiastic participator, and his presence makes everything more fun. At our reunion just now, he played all the games, went on all the hikes, made lots of art, and was fun … Continue reading

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What’s a Five Letter Word that Means…

I am back in San Diego but have a few sketches from our camping trip that I did not yet post. This one shows a few people from our large family doing crossword puzzles together. I like this sketch because … Continue reading

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The Meadow in the Morning

It was clear and bright this morning. I looked across the meadow at the row of juniper trees that rim the meadow. I liked how the shadows were long and pointed at a particular juniper tree.

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We Got Out Our Art Supplies and Painted Together!

Something particularly wonderful about our summer reunions is painting together. I was so happy to sketch two of my great-nephews, niece, brother, and sister, sitting at the same table while working away on art projects.

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