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The colors of the orchids on a table across the room command my attention. Is it a form of meditation to sit and dwell in the colors or is it just a way of passing time? Probably both, but in … Continue reading

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Roses and Placemats

We had a very quiet Mother’s Day with an incredible bouquet of red roses, which demanded to be painted. I am still going strong with combining printmaking and gouache painting, and this was the perfect subject. I am beginning to … Continue reading

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Aloe on a Coffee Table

This little aloe plant exerts a cheerful presence on the coffee table. Its petals have a mix of muted colors that, as much as I look at them, I can’t quite describe with my paint brush.

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Day 14: That Last Flower Petal

I walked up the hill to Trader Joes’ two weeks ago and, among other items, bought a bouquet of flowers. They were so pretty, especially in the transparent vase, and I kept telling myself that it would be fun to … Continue reading

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Scrabble Wars on Day 9 of Sheltering in Place

Over the last some forty years, we have played our share of competitive Scrabble. Along with a fire to offset some unusual cold and rain, vying for the best plays helped pass day 9 of sheltering in place. We are … Continue reading

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A Good Place to Read

This morning when I got up, my sister was reading on the patio where we are staying in Antigua. She looked so lovely sitting there with the shining tiles, the greenery in the background, and the two potted plants. It … Continue reading

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More Seed Pods

These seed pods from the golden rain trees proved too hard to resist, so here they are again. I think yesterday’s seed pods had a better rhythm and color scheme, but todays’s pods have a more accurate shape. And both … Continue reading

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