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Marbles and Books

It’s Tuesday, so our group of artists met on the internet to paint a still life scene together. The contrast between the rectangular books and marbles made this a fun sketch to make.

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Oranges across a Table

It was my turn to set up the Tuesday night still life scene for our Zoom group. There is a lot of thought that goes into one of these. Is it something that the limited range of a computer camera … Continue reading

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Tuesday Night Still Life

Tuesday night still life painting is back! This one is of flowers from an artist’s garden.

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Ready to Cook

My friend set up a still life on her kitchen table for our Tuesday night Zoom group. It included an old cookbook, ‘The Joy of Cooking,’ so well used that the cover has been missing for years. One of the … Continue reading

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Tomatoes on a Tablecloth

Here is a delicious sliced tomato, a delicious subject for a gouache painting on black paper, that is!

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Orange Slice in a Glass

Painting on Zoom with friends is a great way to start the new year. There is something invigorating about opening Zoom and seeing the still life for the evening, making a few quick decisions, and then painting as fast as … Continue reading

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Holiday Oranges

California oranges spent the last ten months growing and are now appearing on our holiday tables. When my fellow Zoom artist set up a pleasing arrangement of oranges, I could practically smell them all the way from Fresno. I enjoyed … Continue reading

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