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Tomatoes on a Tablecloth

Here is a delicious sliced tomato, a delicious subject for a gouache painting on black paper, that is!

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Orange Slice in a Glass

Painting on Zoom with friends is a great way to start the new year. There is something invigorating about opening Zoom and seeing the still life for the evening, making a few quick decisions, and then painting as fast as … Continue reading

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Holiday Oranges

California oranges spent the last ten months growing and are now appearing on our holiday tables. When my fellow Zoom artist set up a pleasing arrangement of oranges, I could practically smell them all the way from Fresno. I enjoyed … Continue reading

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Happy Hanukkah!

My friend Laura arranged a Hanukkah still-life for the Tuesday night painters. It was an inviting setup, and each of us happily worked away on it for our two hours. I added the figures of the children since this holiday … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!

What could say Happy Thanksgiving better than three angels from Mexico and an ancient Christmas cactus? The angels are painted over a base of gords and papier-mâché. Each has a fruit or flower and symbolizes the bounty of this season. … Continue reading

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Day of the Dead Still-Life

The day of the dead is coming up in five days. Yesterday the Zoom sketching group worked on a still life commemorating this event. The image above was my small planning sketch. I like it more than my large piece … Continue reading

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Still-life with Onion and Tomatoes

My Tuesday Zoom group continues to paint still-life scenes. After two months, I look forward to the challenge that this kind of subject provides. I began this sketch by painting all the basic shapes directly on black paper with gouache. … Continue reading

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