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It was a sad Sunday for the Chiefs and their fans

I don’t often watch football but I was in Kansas City with a preponderance of people who love the KC Chiefs. I was delighted to sit and sketch their expressions while the Chiefs battled their rival, the Buffalo Bills. It … Continue reading

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Two In The Sea

While sketching away on the shore, looking at the swimmers, you can see which are together and the ways in which they like each other. These two were clearly a pair, and I tried to convey their delight even as … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Dear David!

Our younger child, David, has a birthday today. I wanted to celebrate by making a card that says something about who he has become in these last 38 years. The enormity of summarizing a complex and wonderful human on a … Continue reading

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It Is How You Hold Yourself

It is interesting how much of a person’s character is visible in her body language. This week’s Tuesday night Zoom model had that mix of authority, humor, and feeling that so many educators have. She posed on her kitchen stool, … Continue reading

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The Thinker

The model for our Zoom sketching session yesterday had the air of a thinker. His eyes were wide open and he looked directly into the camera. His left hand in front of his face seemed to hold an idea that … Continue reading

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Our model tonight with the Fresno sketching Zoom group was an expressive young woman named Natalie. During a break she asked us for our guess about when the pandemic and precautions might end. After Natalie’s question, her body language seemed … Continue reading

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The Zoom model today sat in her chair in a restless sort of way. Her arms and hands were relaxed but her shoulders were tense as though she were thinking through a to-do list. I accentuated her uneven shoulders to … Continue reading

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