Homework Time

Homework Time

Homework Time

This Spanish course that the five of us are taking is really great. Not only are we learning Spanish in small groups, but we also have homework. This means my four fellow students are holding relatively still this evening while I happily sketch them. I hope they remain as industrious for the full two weeks that we will be here in Cuernavaca. 
My goal again this evening is just to catch the moment. I like the feeling of togetherness or common purpose and wanted to convey it.

This is a pastel and gouache sketch on black paper.  

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By the Cool of the Pool

By the Cool of the Pool by Sarah Sullivan

By the Cool of the Pool

The weather here is hard to beat, but even so, after walking about Cuernavaca it was delightful to relax in the shade by the pool. My goal with this sketch, as with yesterday’s, was just to capture the moment. 

This is a gouache and pastel sketch on black paper. 

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Cuernavaca Start

Cuernavaca Start by Sarah Sullivan

Cuernavaca Start

Five of us, four sisters and a good friend, met this evening in Cuernavaca at the start of a two week stay to study Spanish and have fun. This is a quick sketch of two of my sisters as they chatted and emailed home news of our safe arrival.  

Cuernavaca, the ‘city of eternal spring,’ is the capital of the Mexican state of Morelos and about an hour south of Mexico City. It is well known for its beauty, museums and history. I am eager to get up tomorrow and sketch.

This is a pastel and gouache sketch. 

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I Want to See!

This morning I went to the zoo with a friend and we sketched giraffes, elephants and people. It was great seeing so many young children out with their families learning to appreciate our diversity.

These are pen and watercolor sketches.

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Looking West from Kate Sessions Park

Looking West from Kate Sessions Park by Sarah Sullivan

Looking West from Kate Sessions Park

I painted today at Kate Sessions Park with the San Diego Watercolor Society Wednesday’s plein air group. It was a gorgeous vista full of green that was set off by the lifting fog.

This is a gouache sketch on black paper.


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Birthday Bouquet and Book

Sketch of a Birthday Bouquet and Book by Sarah Sullivan

Birthday Bouquet and Book

I got such a gorgeous birthday bouquet that I painted it all evening and time flew. In fact I over did parts of the flowers but like the simple brushstrokes in the table, book, candle holders and lower vase. Now that I understand the composition a bit better, I may try it again tomorrow.

This is a gouache and pastel sketch on black paper.

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A Very Thin Woman

Sketch of a A Very Thin Woman by Sarah Sullivan

A Very Thin Woman

It was good to go to figure painting class today. The model was wonderful, she was older, had a soulful expression, and her thin limbs were interesting to sketch. Our goal was to paint directly on the paper without first making any sort of line with pen, pencil or paint. As we painted, we were to define the shapes using color, textures and amount of paint.

This is a gouache painting on black paper.

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