Happy Thanksgiving!

What could say Happy Thanksgiving better than three angels from Mexico and an ancient Christmas cactus? The angels are painted over a base of gords and papier-mâché. Each has a fruit or flower and symbolizes the bounty of this season. The Christmas cactus, which lives outside in the San Diego shade most of the year, represents beauty.

I like the combination, and it reminds me to be grateful. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Haycraft Beach

This morning I went to the nearby Haycraft Beach on Maui for a last morning of painting. It is a little county park with friendly waves, and I settled into a place in the shade while I marveled at the colors and watched the beachcombers.

Then I quickly put paint down, sprayed it to soften edges and transitions, and scraped bits away. I may have gotten carried away with the fun of making gouache marks, but even so, I like this sketch of Haycraft Beach.

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Two Kids at the Sea

Two boys, along with their parents and grandparents, are staying in a condo at the same Maui complex as we are. The kids move pretty quickly from beach to sand to pool, and I admire their zest. I have been sketching them in hopes of showing their delight in life.

Here is one from today. The older one was looking at something in the water, and the younger one came over to look too. I was too slow to paint the younger in that moment, but added him in later from memory

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Heralding a Great Swimming Day

This is a view of the sun rising over the Haleakala Volcano in Maui. The volcano is still in shadow, but the sun is bouncing light onto the mountainside. Where the sun hits the water directly, there is a blinding glare. I had trouble capturing all the types of light; perhaps I need more darks in the tree.

So far, every day has been a great day for swimming, but that does not stop the sunrise from announcing this with its beautiful light.

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Three Morning Sketches

I came early to the Maui beach this morning, along with my small 9 x 9 inch sketchbook. This is a great size for the windy beach and quick sketches. Here are three scenes that caught my eye.

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Reader at the Beach

This reader’s absorption in his book caught my eye. The sea was wild around him but apparently not wild enough to distract him from the plot of his beach book. As an avid reader myself, I know this feeling and wanted to know what he was reading.

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Day of the Dead Still-Life

The day of the dead is coming up in five days. Yesterday the Zoom sketching group worked on a still life commemorating this event. The image above was my small planning sketch. I like it more than my large piece below because the skull’s expression reminds me of the ones in the Disney movie, Coco.

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