An Evening Thought

This is the model from yesterday’s Zoom drawing session. She has beautiful expressive features and it was a pleasure to sketch her. A positive feature of Zoom is that it allows the artist to be very close to the model, much closer than would be comfortable in an actual drawing session.

I prepared my black Bristol board with several coats of acrylic gloss medium ahead of time, so it had some of the non absorbent characteristics of yupo paper. I worked on an easel so the gouache would flow downwards and make interesting textures that emphasized the models expressiveness.

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In a Green Chair

I was able to join my cousin’s sketch group in Fresno by Zoom. I painted several 20-minute sketches and had so much fun doing it. This was the last sketch of the evening and my favorite. I like the way the round shape of the chair holds the curves of the figure and the simple colors of the painting.

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House with a Stone Driveway

We took a longer walk today and came across this small house with a stone driveway.

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Zoom Sketching

I was late meeting my cousin on Zoom to sketch with her group in Fresno. In the 10 minutes I had with them, I did the contour drawing above, and then spent the evening doing small gouache sketches.

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A Rose with an Unusual Shape

Of the twelve roses in the bouquet, one had a particularly wonderful shape, and I found myself painting and drawing it multiple times. This was a bouquet that kept on giving

At first I painted it in a vase on a tablecloth.

Then I focused in on it more by shortening the vase.

And finally in the first painting above, I pretty much just painted this rose of unusual shape.

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Zucchini Flowers

I have been watching the zucchini grow, and its flower is definitely eye catching. It only opens for the first part of the day but puts on a great show for those few hours. Its shape seemed perfect for block printing and I spent a very pleasant day trying to capture it with a gouache and linoleum print.

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Looking at Del Cerro from SDSU

Sometimes we walk over to the mesa on the north edge of the college. It is inconceivable that our San Diego freeways are empty during rush hour, and we check our understanding by seeing it again for ourselves. We stand looking down at the highway and across it to Del Cerro on the other side. The sky at dusk is beautiful, the hills are green, and the freeways are empty. That is how it is now on a weekday in May of 2020.

This is a 7 by 7-inch print made with several pieces of linoleum. Each piece is carved separately, painted individually with gouache, and then stamped on a piece of black Bristol board.

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