Cliffs Below Cabrillo National Monument

The Cliffs Painting As Originally Completed

My cousin and I painted the cliffs below Cabrillo National Monument a few days ago. It was a foggy day with soft, muted light.

I don’t usually make many adjustments to my paintings when I get home, mostly because something gets lost in the process. But I thought the colors were too dull, did not like the diagonal across the upper edge of the sea, found the oval in the sky distracting, and wanted to indicate more of the foliage on the right side. This piece needed some adjustments!

Below is the changed painting, but as usual, I like the original version better. Even though this second version is happier and brighter, the focal area shifted from the cliffs to the foliage. Additionally, the overall mood of the first is truer to what originally struck me about the scene. Probably some mix of the two versions would be best.

The Cliffs Painting After Making Adjustments

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A Moment Near Mission Beach

My cousin and I painted near Mission Beach. A street that curved away from us toward the beach caught our attention, as did the gentle light from the foggy afternoon. It was busy with cars and pedestrians, but somehow the mood seemed dominantly peaceful. I placed a single person into the scene, thinking it would better capture the day’s spirit than showing more of the commotion.

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In the Mediterranean Garden

My cousin, who is a superb artist, is in town for a few days. We went up to the college today and spent the day painting there. In the morning, we stood at our easels by the edge of the mesa and painted vistas on large sheets of paper. By the afternoon, we were ready to sit and made our way to the Mediterranean garden. The garden is cool and shady, packed with succulents, and perfect for focusing on details. I used a 12-inch square sketchbook and sketched my cousin and the garden.

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More from Yesterday

These are two looser pieces from my sketching trip yesterday to the West Basin along San Diego Bay. It is the same subject matter of people and their gear, but I completed these more rapidly and with less planning.

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Cleaning up the Kayak

I sketched today at the West Basin along San Diego Bay. The water was full of people on paddleboards, kayaks, and such. But the color of the building across the parking lot caught my eye, so I turned my back on the bay. However, I happened to set up in a place where people cleaned their equipment before leaving. Before long, someone came by with his yellow kayak and began rinsing it down. I quickly put him into my sketch.

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My Friend Took a Nap

Our Zoom model tonight was delayed, so my friend did a good deed and volunteered to pose. But sometimes if you sit still a minute, you just fall asleep. She got a nap, and the rest of us had fun trying to capture her relaxed arm and tired body language.

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Camping in the Laguna Mountains

Camping in the Lagunas

The Laguna Mountains rise to about 6,000 feet (1800 meters) in eastern San Diego County. The area is full of meadows, tall pines, and oaks. The Lagunas are a delightful place year-round, particularly in the midst of summer heat.

We spent a few days at Laguna Campground recently. This is a morning sketch of our camper van and my husband enjoying his morning coffee.

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