Holiday Party

Our model today wore a mink coat and hat, which I painted purple with a filbert brush, a brush I use most often for grasses in landscapes. I added in the couple and the tree in the background to suggest a party setting to go with the outfit.

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Winter Green at Miramar Reservoir

Now that our California winter has given us three storms, greenery is making its annual comeback in San Diego County. I got out to the lake mid morning and the shadows were dramatic against the bright green. I liked the long wedge shapes and built the composition around them.

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Looking Forward

I liked the way that the light caught the edge of the model’s forehead and glasses as she sat in a chair. The light was so bright that the rest of her seemed to be shadowed and the details were hard to make out.

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A Canyon Trail

There is a canyon near Balboa Park in San Diego that I have painted several times. It has a stark footpath that zigzags up to the mesa from the canyon floor. Runners and hikers love it and I do too.

This the the first time I dared to use a full sheet of watercolor paper (30 x 20 inches) while painting plein air and I got a bit lost in the expanse of it.

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Looking Sideways

I liked the flush on this models’s face and the way her eyes were so large as she looked sideways off to her right side.

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Eucalyptus Woodpile

I painted this morning under eucalyptus trees in Del Mar. The air was damp but clear and the eucalyptus colors were strong.

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Woman in Blue

A model can make all the difference in a painting. The poses she chooses, the way she channels attitudes, and the clothing she wears can make all the difference to the way the artist interprets a scene.

This morning we had a particularly expressive model, and as a result, I had a very productive three hours of painting. I liked so many of my 20- minute gouache sketches that I had trouble picking a favorite to share, which is an unusual experience for me. I eventually chose this one because her lowered head and steady gaze conveyed a brooding attitude that was accentuated by the blue clothing.

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