Our model today was lovely and expressive. I liked the way she was able to curl her long body up into a round shape. I also like the way her hair hung in stripes, perpendicular to the stripes of her outfit.

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From Mount Helix Park

We painted this morning from the top of Mount Helix Park, a lookout just east of the city of San Diego. I stood looking north across the industrial part of El Cajon. The patterns the warehouses made complimented the patterns of the hills rising to the mountains. And in turn, the verticalness of the residential area just below contrasted nicely with the horizontal movement of the hills and buildings.

I wanted to capture it all but had to simplify the scene to capture the overall feeling I had as I looked down on the city.

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Bird on a Rock

I think this gull was hoping for a handout from me.

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A Short Nap

My son was napping on the couch. I captured the moment with this sketch in gouache and pastel.

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From the Passenger’s Seat

We headed along the California I-5 highway and I made a few chalk, pen and gouache sketches as we drove, just for the fun of it.

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The Percussionist

The Percussionist is the last of my jazz series for now. This began as one of the original line sketches I did in the dark during the concert. Now, after some more chalk lines and some gouache, it is ready to join the rest of its trio members.

I think this is my most successful of the three because it captures the feel of being the music that you are making.

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The Guitarist

In my sketch from last Sunday, The Jazz Trio, the guitarist got squeezed in the middle. I also added some 20 years to his actual age. Using that sketch, and some photos I took that evening, I think I now have a better sketch.

I used thicker paint and applied it with shorter strokes, to show how his music felt to me. And this time I have him holding his guitar with more tenderness. During the performance I also noticed how intently he listened to the music and I think I show this better with this sketch.

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