Scooters Everywhere

Sketch by Sarah Sullivan of Scooters and Riders
Scooters Everywhere

Last spring was the season for the e-bikes explosion, and this fall is the season for e-scooters. Scooters are everywhere in my neighborhood near San Diego State University, and ever so much fun to ride. The pathways up at the college are full, which means I have lots of opportunity for quick gesture sketches, like this one.

I hope to get more sketches tomorrow and then to develop a larger painting.

This is a gouache sketch on a 9 X 9-inch sheet of black paper.

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A New Father

Sketch by Sarah Sullivan of a new father
A New Father

My brother sent us wonderful photos of his newest grandchild, including the one this sketch is based on.  I did not succeed in doing justice to the preciousness of the child or the pride of the father, but I like this painting anyway. There is something about the way the young father is looking off into the distance that suggests he is feeling the weight of his new responsibilities, and it is a look I recognize. It may be that some of the worries I felt as a new mother became imposed on my nephew’s face. In any case, I like this sketch.

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San Diego Gets a Bit of Autumn

Sketch by Sarah Sullivan of a Street in San Diego
San Diego Gets a Bit of Fall Color

We are getting bits of fall color throughout San Diego, now that it is mid-November. This is a street not too far from my house, but with a much more rural feel, especially if you position your easel so that the nearby homes are outside of the view area.

This is a gouache and colored pencil sketch on a 10 x 12-inch sheet of black paper.

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An Outside Table

Sketch by Sarah Sullivan of a woman eating at an outside table

An Outside Table

I was early to lunch and able to sketch a bit while waiting for my friend. I used colored pencils and gouache on a small sheet of black paper.

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First Poinsettia of the Season

Sketch by Sarah Sullivan of a poinsettia

First Poinsettia of the Season

I love those huge poinsettia plants that appear in stores just about now, and could not resist buying and painting one today.

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Descanso Hillside



Sketch by Sarah Sullivan of a Hillside in Descanso California

Descanso Hillside

Most months the San Diego Watercolor Society invites a plein air artist to give a demonstration somewhere in the county. Today Keiko Tanabe demonstrated and as I watched her paint with bold, confident strokes I remembered how much I love paintings with strong brushstrokes. Following the demonstration, we all worked on our own paintings, and I had fun with my own bold brushwork.

Descanso is in the mountains east of San Diego, it is full of oak trees, boulders, and at the moment, very dry brush. Since much of our state does not get rain between late spring and mid-fall, and fall can bring us huge winds from the desert, gems like Descanso are vulnerable to fire. I felt especially lucky to be painting in California today.

This is a gouache painting on a sheet of  12 X 17 -inch black Derwent paper.

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