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Trees on a Plaza

I walked up to the college this morning and did four rapid sketches of the trees on a plaza. All four are abstracts painted with white and the three primary colors, yellow, red and blue. I wanted to remind myself … Continue reading

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Counter Reflection in Daylight

Although I liked yesterday’s sketch, ‘Counter Reflection,’ I was bothered by the upper right side where I had included a very small portion of the next room. That area was so small that I found it distracting. Then I noticed … Continue reading

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Counter Reflections

I like the way objects are reflected on our kitchen counter and I especially like the way bright fruit is reflected.  I used gouache and a white pastel pencil on black paper for this sketch. 

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Flowers on a Scarf

Yesterday one of my friends showed a painting she did of flowers in a vase. It was so gorgeous that it inspired my choice of subjects to paint today. My garden is between flowers right now but I did have … Continue reading

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Sweet Caroline at the Pond

Although I am no longer at the ranch where I did the basic drawing for this sketch, I liked the drawing of the figure sitting on the float and wanted to finish it. I liked the way she looked off … Continue reading

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My Fresh Palette

We set off tomorrow for a five-week trip with the above gouache palette, a small set of transparent watercolors and drawing supplies. After much indecision and an incredible number of paint swatches, I finally committed to 12 gouache colors for my … Continue reading

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Chart for a Fresh Palette

I am much more likely to do an activity that I am set up for and sketching away from home is no exception. If it takes too long to get ready I sometimes end up not sketching away at all. … Continue reading

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Back to Back

Our goal today in the figure painting class was to achieve harmony by painting with a dominant color and, if necessary, small amounts of the colors adjacent to it on the color wheel. This was an awesome assignment because it made me think … Continue reading

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Frisbee Golf at Kit Carson Park in Escondido

I went to the San Diego Watercolor Society Paint Out in Escondido this morning for a demonstration by an inspiring landscape artist, Shuang Li . Afterwards we painted in her style along the duck pond and I was near two artists who really … Continue reading

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Evening Near Mendocino

I made many line sketches on our trip this week up California’s Highway 1 before I caught the flu. Now that I am home and recovering I am adding paint using reference photos that I took with my phone. Perhaps … Continue reading

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