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Leo Carrillo City Park

We went up to Leo Carrillo Park in Carlsbad, north of San Diego, to paint trees. These trees have leaves year-round, but their limbs were too beautiful to hide.

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Tree Lined Street in Guimarães

The old part of Guimarães is full of picturesque streets, walls, gardens, churches, and buildings. This particular street is close to where we are staying. I like its tall and shady trees, and the contrast of the trees against the … Continue reading

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Trees on a Plaza

I walked up to the college this morning and did four rapid sketches of the trees on a plaza. All four are abstracts painted with white and the three primary colors, yellow, red and blue. I wanted to remind myself … Continue reading

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I stopped by the zoo this afternoon and sat in the shade to eat my lunch. My destination was the giraffes but I got to looking at the two trees directly in front of me. They stood together, like a … Continue reading

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Texan Trees

I drew as we drove from Austin to New Mexico today across a mesmerizing landscape. The trees, I think live oak trees, were thick near Austin, but the further we drove the more sparse they became. They were somewhat backlit … Continue reading

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