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A September Morning at Mission Beach

Mission Beach was perfect for painting this morning, warm, not hot, breezy, not blustery, bright, not dazzling. The view in every direction was compelling but I finally settled on trying to capture the action of the waves and the people … Continue reading

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Morning Light at Sunset Cliffs

It was low tide at Sunset Cliffs this morning, and the mellow sea set off the earth tones of the cliffs. The Cliffs are locally famous for its sunsets, but its morning light is really special too.

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Blue Sky Through the Trees

It has been hot everywhere around San Diego, even up at the Laguna Mountains, which are at 5,000 feet elevation. I found the shadiest place to stand that I could and looked around for a subject from that vantage point. … Continue reading

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In the Lagunas

I started this last week when I was painting up in the Lagunas, about an hour east of San Diego. Like many such paintings, it was not quite finished when it was time to leave. This morning, I added the … Continue reading

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A Run in the Forest

We went up into the Laguna Mountains east of San Diego for an afternoon of hiking and painting. The campgrounds are all closed because of coronavirus, but the hiking trails are open. We walked a mile or so along a … Continue reading

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On the Road

We are off to spend a few weeks on my brother’s 80-acres in Colorado. I sketched in the bumpy front seat as we left San Diego, and felt so happy to be on the road again. This is to be … Continue reading

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No More Zoom

Three people I know were very happy to leave Zoom and work together in person, on our patio. And I was happy to sketch them, masks and all.

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