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Bayside Artist

My friend and I were painting at Kanaka Landing in Liberty Station, here in San Diego. We were standing at our easels and my friend said, “All we need is someone to come and sit on this bench.” An hour … Continue reading

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Birds of Dog Beach

I went to Dog Beach expecting to paint dogs as they ran and chased. But there were only a few dogs, surfers, and onlookers. The birds, however, were abundant and I eventually gave in and sketched them into this gouache … Continue reading

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Spruce Street Suspension Bridge, II

Sometimes it takes me awhile to like my paintings. This second view of the Spruce Street Suspension Bridge is one of these. It did not seem finished, the cross bars at the top were wavy, the sky too rough. I … Continue reading

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Spruce Street Suspension Bridge

My friend told me about the Spruce Street Suspension Bridge, a foot bridge that connects two canyon tops in central San Diego. We painted there on Friday and it could not have been more delightful. It was shady, full of … Continue reading

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Lake Murray on an October Morning

I had eucalyptus trees on my mind when I set off for Lake Murray early this morning. But the lake itself captivated me and the trees became secondary elements. I could have spent the day watching the light and wind … Continue reading

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Masks in the Pumpkin Patch

There were lots of parents and kids at the pumpkin patch this morning, and each sported a masks. Not the traditional sort of Halloween masks, but the the new normal kind. I squeezed in as many people as I could … Continue reading

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The Sun Comes Up on a Misty Morning

The marine layer was still heavy when I met my friends at San Dieguito Lagoon. The pathways of the tidal flow were beautiful and immediately became my focus. The sun, masked by fog, was just showing above the hills, and … Continue reading

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