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Three Trees by a Highway

The other day when I drove past Sunrise Highway in East San Diego County, I stopped and took some pictures. Today, continuing to experiment with watercolor pencil and gouache, I used the photos as reference for this sketch. Although I … Continue reading

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Nastursiums and Jasmine

I am getting ready for a long trip and am in the preparation phase of taking care of household chores. So this afternoon I went out to weed in the garden. But who could weed when the nasturtiums and jasmine … Continue reading

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Spring Comes to My Potted Plants

It was a lovely spring day, somewhat overcast but not cool. I sat on the porch, sketched the potted plants along the wall, and enjoyed the warmth.    

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Gray Skies at Torrey Pines II

This is the second of two sketches I started two days ago. It is very similar to the one I posted Thursday but has two figures in the foreground. In both cases, I used a limited palette of white along … Continue reading

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Gray Skies at Torrey Pines

It was overcast today at Torrey Pines, and the hill in the background seemed to be part of the sky. After a bit, the light changed, and I put this sketch aside to work on a second sketch. Now I … Continue reading

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Beach Soccer, Two On One

I worked from photos again today, trying to capture multiple types of movement. I wish I had left more of the background unpainted, it would have strengthened the focus on the figures

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Run, Run from that Wave!

Today I used some photos from my nephews’ recent visit and worked at capturing their delight in the waves. This is an acrylic and gouache sketch on an 8 X 12 -inch black paper.

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Student Voices

How is it that students can express simple truths while we older folk get it all muddled up? I was at the San Diego March for Our Lives this morning, listening and learning. Here are some of the simple truths … Continue reading

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California Cactus

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Morning Sun at Pacific Beach

I loved the wintery redwoods from last week, but it felt great to start and finish a sketch in the relative warmth of San Diego this morning. We are experiencing a cold spell here too but, as you can see, … Continue reading

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