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Zoom Model in a Chair

Something I am beginning to appreciate about Zoom is the visual distortion made by the camera’s placement. Usually, the part of the body farthest from the eye appears smaller than the closest parts, but with Zoom, it seems to be … Continue reading

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Thinking About The Protestors

As I hide from Coronavirus and paint flowers, I have been thinking a lot this last week about police brutality, economic disparities, opportunity, and school achievement. I remember from the sixties what a difference the civil rights marchers and protesters … Continue reading

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More Flowers

Painting flowers has been great while sheltering in place and I have painted more than my share in the past three months. But good news here on the reopening, next week our parks can be used for more than exercise. … Continue reading

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Zoom Sketching

I was late meeting my cousin on Zoom to sketch with her group in Fresno. In the 10 minutes I had with them, I did the contour drawing above, and then spent the evening doing small gouache sketches.

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A Rose with an Unusual Shape

Of the twelve roses in the bouquet, one had a particularly wonderful shape, and I found myself painting and drawing it multiple times. This was a bouquet that kept on giving At first I painted it in a vase on … Continue reading

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Zucchini Flowers

I have been watching the zucchini grow, and its flower is definitely eye catching. It only opens for the first part of the day but puts on a great show for those few hours. Its shape seemed perfect for block … Continue reading

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A Neighbor Dropped by for Coffee

I was beginning on the third version of ‘Sunshine on a Patio’. This time I wanted to paint it with a bright orange coffee mug for a focal point. I planned to feature the sunlight on the top of the … Continue reading

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