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A New Moon for A New Year

My brother sent a picture of the new moon from his home in Phoenix this evening. That made me go out and look at the new moon as it came up over the trees behind our home in San Diego. … Continue reading

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A Message from Afar

I have not had much time for sketching this past week but did use my iPad to sketch two people looking at a phone today. I like the way the secondary figure is faint, perhaps suggesting that he is far … Continue reading

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Sketching My Nephew on His Birthday

We skyped this evening with our nephew to offer our birthday wishes for him. It was also a good chance to sketch him on my iPad and to notice his resemblance to his father.

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Happy Holidays!

  Happy Holidays to Everyone!

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A Second Stuffed Bird

Yesterday I drew this bird but did not like the background. Today I added more gouache paint to the background and scraped it around.  Then I made the sketch less dark and cropped it by using Photos and Procreate.

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Two Stuffed Birds

Today I did something new and sketched stuffed birds. The San Diego Watercolor Society created several still life compositions featuring birds and invited members to come by for a few hours. I expected that since stuffed birds are unable to fly … Continue reading

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The Christmas Cactus Again

A good thing about keeping plants in the house is you always have something quick to sketch. This is the same plant as the one I painted on Monday, and in this version, I simplified the cactus and background but … Continue reading

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Poinsettia Season

The huge poinsettias are in the stores and that means it is time to bring a few home and paint them again. This is probably the first of several that I will sketch in the next month or so. This … Continue reading

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A Steampunk Penguin?

Today was the fourth week of my Photoshop class and the night we handed in our first assignment. We were to construct a steampunk animal by combining photographs of gears, machine parts or metal. I am not completely certain that … Continue reading

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Looking Downward

This morning I worked on figure drawing at a nearby open studio. I like this one because I caught his dejected look.

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