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Strawberry Cake and Flowers for Breakfast

What a great idea this is for breakfast tomorrow! Unfortunately, it is a scene we painted during tonight’s online Tuesday night still-life. I especially loved painting the pattern of the tablecloth.

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Strawberries on a Cutting Board

This week’s Tuesday night still-life was challenging. I liked the pattern the strawberries made on the cutting board. Still, I had trouble initially because I painted each strawberry separately and emphasized the grain on the cutting board, which was distracting. … Continue reading

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Shoes and Socks by the Door

This week’s Tuesday night still-life.

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Light and Shadow Across the Still Life

For this week’s Tuesday night still life, we placed a spotlight low on the table, emphasizing the shadows the objects cast.

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This is Where We Will Plant It

I moved the potted azaleas around for a few days and think this may be the perfect place for painting them over the next few years.

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Narcissus on a Shopping Bag

Narcissus make me smile, I hope you get a smile from these too.

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Papaya on a Breakfast Tray

Our online Tuesday still life group painted two beautiful papaya halves on a breakfast tray. I liked my sketch but felt my composition needed something more, and today I painted in the azaleas and blue vase over the second papaya … Continue reading

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