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A Puzzle for Father’s Day

Given that we are all still sheltering in place, the NYT crossword puzzle and a long afternoon helped to make this a pretty good Father’s Day for an awesome dad.

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Corn and Peas in a Pot

I have never grown corn or peas before and, although I can see now that these plants might have been happier in the ground, I love the way they look together in this cloth pot.

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No More Zoom

Three people I know were very happy to leave Zoom and work together in person, on our patio. And I was happy to sketch them, masks and all.

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House with a Stone Driveway

We took a longer walk today and came across this small house with a stone driveway.

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Zucchini Flowers

I have been watching the zucchini grow, and its flower is definitely eye catching. It only opens for the first part of the day but puts on a great show for those few hours. Its shape seemed perfect for block … Continue reading

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Plants in a Yard

Like yesterday, I carved stamps and printed them on black Bristol board, using gouache as my ink. Then I went back and over-painted portions of the sketch with gouache. When a stamp is printed, the image is reversed and today … Continue reading

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Gate on Adams Avenue

Last August, I took a workshop on making hand-carved stamps to use in watercolor paintings. It was a wonderful workshop, and I told myself that I would use this new technique soon. Well, thanks to sheltering-in-place, soon is finally here. … Continue reading

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