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Nastursiums and Jasmine

I am getting ready for a long trip and am in the preparation phase of taking care of household chores. So this afternoon I went out to weed in the garden. But who could weed when the nasturtiums and jasmine … Continue reading

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Spring Comes to My Potted Plants

It was a lovely spring day, somewhat overcast but not cool. I sat on the porch, sketched the potted plants along the wall, and enjoyed the warmth.    

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Student Voices

How is it that students can express simple truths while we older folk get it all muddled up? I was at the San Diego March for Our Lives this morning, listening and learning. Here are some of the simple truths … Continue reading

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Watching the Sunset

There is something about watching the sunset that captivates us all. And there is something about watching another person who is being moved by nature that makes me want to capture their expression forever.

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Morning Sun at Pacific Beach

I loved the wintery redwoods from last week, but it felt great to start and finish a sketch in the relative warmth of San Diego this morning. We are experiencing a cold spell here too but, as you can see, … Continue reading

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Fog at Torrey Pines

It was a foggy morning at Torrey Pines State Park this morning. The mist was indecisive, coming in and out and confusing me by showing and then obscuring the vista. Eventually, I just went with the flow, painted what I … Continue reading

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Admiring Cherry Blossoms

I stopped by the Japanese Friendship Garden in San Diego’s Balboa Park today to find that the cherry trees are in bloom. There were many people walking along the canyon paths and admiring the beauty. Using my iPad, I tried … Continue reading

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Walking Along Harbor Island

We walked along Harbor Island earlier this week, and I took several photos with my smartphone. Today I got to looking at the photos and composed this gouache sketch from them. I liked the interplay of the lights and darks.

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Fountain at Mission San Diego Alcala

Back in San Diego, I got out to the Mission de San Diego Alcala. This is a a 9 X 9-inch gouache sketch of the fountain as seen through a massive aloe vera succelent.

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Fixing the Sidewalk

This is a pastel and gouache sketch of a man fixing the sidewalk. I liked his bright shirt against the gray of the street.

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