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Montrose Colorado Morning

I am in Montrose Colorado for the weekend and could not resist quickly sketching this view across the fields to the San Juan Mountains!

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Last July I got a good start painting this sketch of my sister and her barefoot child. I liked the body language between the two of them but had trouble with the hillside above the pond. When I had to … Continue reading

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Torrey Pines Morning

This morning our plein air landscape class met at Torrey Pines State Reserve just north of San Diego. It was foggy and the boundary between the sea and sky seemed to shift throughout the morning. I used a large brush … Continue reading

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At Elk Pond

Elk Pond in Telluride Mountain Village is a place where people can come to fish without a license, sunbathe, kayak, paint and just hang out. I love the way the water catches the reflections of the sky, mountains, trees, and … Continue reading

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Meadow on the Village Bypass Trail

Mountain Bikers love the Village Bypass Trail and I had a great time marveling at their speed and courage as I stood above the trail and sketched this morning. I considered including a few but they flew by so fast … Continue reading

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View Through the Balconies

Today was a good day for rain and a good day to paint indoors, or at least to paint from under the shelter of the balcony above. I was going to paint the clouds over the mountains but noticed how … Continue reading

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Rain Comes Across the Meadow

It has been really rainy here in Telluride this year so I have had a lot of opportunity to observe how the rains comes in across the mountains and hills. It is just beautiful and I wanted to convey this … Continue reading

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Another Meadow

This is another sketch which, like yesterday’s, is mostly about learning to paint meadows. However, this one is painted from a photo because by the time I got up to where this meadow is on the Telluride ski slopes it … Continue reading

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Like Matisse’s Windows

For the last three weeks I have been thinking about the view from the window. It is so beautiful and the framing of the vista by the window sets the view off splendidly. I looked a few times at some … Continue reading

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Rafting the Mighty San Miguel

For the last two days I had my back to the San Miguel River and the mountains above it while I sketched thickets of cottonwood trees. The San Miguel is very shallow in this section and perfect for beginner rafters. … Continue reading

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