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At Elk Pond

Elk Pond in Telluride Mountain Village is a place where people can come to fish without a license, sunbathe, kayak, paint and just hang out. I love the way the water catches the reflections of the sky, mountains, trees, and … Continue reading

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Meadow on the Village Bypass Trail

Mountain Bikers love the Village Bypass Trail and I had a great time marveling at their speed and courage as I stood above the trail and sketched this morning. I considered including a few but they flew by so fast … Continue reading

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View Through the Balconies

Today was a good day for rain and a good day to paint indoors, or at least to paint from under the shelter of the balcony above. I was going to paint the clouds over the mountains but noticed how … Continue reading

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Rain Comes Across the Meadow

It has been really rainy here in Telluride this year so I have had a lot of opportunity to observe how the rains comes in across the mountains and hills. It is just beautiful and I wanted to convey this … Continue reading

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Another Meadow

This is another sketch which, like yesterday’s, is mostly about learning to paint meadows. However, this one is painted from a photo because by the time I got up to where this meadow is on the Telluride ski slopes it … Continue reading

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Like Matisse’s Windows

For the last three weeks I have been thinking about the view from the window. It is so beautiful and the framing of the vista by the window sets the view off splendidly. I looked a few times at some … Continue reading

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Rafting the Mighty San Miguel

For the last two days I had my back to the San Miguel River and the mountains above it while I sketched thickets of cottonwood trees. The San Miguel is very shallow in this section and perfect for beginner rafters. … Continue reading

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Same Place, Same Time, Different Lighting

I started this sketch yesterday after making the preliminary sketch that I posted yesterday. This morning I set up my easel in the exact same place as I had yesterday in the Telluride Town Park, expecting to be able to … Continue reading

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Preliminary Sketch 

If my goal for the day’s sketch is complicated, it helps a lot to make a preliminary sketch or two. That way I can work through some of the challenges without worrying that I will wreck my work. My preliminary … Continue reading

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One With the Couch

I sketched this last night shortly after sketching, End of the Last Day of the Workshop.  Today I added watercolor and ink to it. Although it is not as well drawn, I like it because it shows these three tired … Continue reading

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