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Hotel Lobby II

This sketch is a continuation of yesterday’s post, looking a little more to my right. I thought the rich deep colors of the hotel lobby seemed to cast a mood on the people sitting at that table.

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Flowers in a Hotel Lobby

It started to rain, so I waited with a cup of coffee in a hotel lobby in Copenhagen. As I sat there, I began to sketch the flowers on the table in front of me. I wanted to fill in … Continue reading

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Danish Fields of Yellow

I started a second sketch at Nivå yesterday, from the same spot as the one of the jogger, but looking 90 degrees to my right. I like it because the immense field of yellow extends across the full page, practically … Continue reading

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Jogging along a Danish Byway

I was tempted to call this ‘Jogging along the Blue Roads of Denmark’ since blue roads read like water, and the title would alert the viewer that these blue areas are roads, not rivers. But this sketch is more about … Continue reading

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Homework under a Tree

I can’t be sure that the project these three were working on so seriously was their homework, but whatever it was, it had their full attention. I wonder, in 50 years, will these three girls look back and remember a … Continue reading

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Along a Path

It was a perfect spring day today in this part of Denmark, with intermittent sunshine and temperatures warm enough for comfortable sketching. This is from the nearby Hareskov woods, and I wanted to show the cheerfulness of the day in … Continue reading

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A Dock Leading to Adventure

I was drawing at Søndersø Lake in Denmark when some children came along and began to play in front of me. In an instant, the sketch changed from being about a spring afternoon along a lake to being about three … Continue reading

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