San Diego Harbor and Ships

Sunday was a foggy morning, but the Urban Sketchers were in full force along the San Diego Harbor. The light was muted, beautiful, and in shades of blue, especially on the water’s surface.

The last time I painted the Coronado Bridge, I made a note to myself not to include so many of its pillars, and this time I remembered to place only three of them on my paper. I did the sky and bridge before adding the ships as I had hoped to sketch in an oversized navy vessel. Instead, I made do the smaller ship you see above. It is painted twice, the front on the left and the back on the right.

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6 Responses to San Diego Harbor and Ships

  1. I love the moody look of this one.


  2. Beverly K Barrett says:

    Beautiful colors

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  3. SHEILA GREER says:

    A very successful painting – I especially adore the beautiful shapes and colors on the water surface, the placement of the boats and bridge and motion in the sky – not to mention your color palette! Wooo Hoooo!

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  4. equinoxio21 says:

    The harbour is all I seem to remember from SD. A long time ago… 😉
    Well done

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