About this Blog

This blog began as an attempt to apply deliberate practice, a theory about how to improve learning, to my artwork. I wanted to become a much better artist and, as a fresh retiree from education, I thought I could use deliberate practice to speed up my growth.

I was diligent for some time but over the past three years have settled into painting mostly without doing the work required by using deliberate learning. I suppose it might make sense to choose a different name for my blog, but I still have hopes for using it, and I still like the name so I will keep it for now.

Sarah Sullivan

December 2018

5 Responses to About this Blog

  1. munyingnying says:

    You are inspiring! I am starting to sketch again with the goal to improve (‘just finished one this morning!). I just wish I have more time! Thanks for sharing your process of learning in each of your posts–I keep them in mind.

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  2. Sarah- I love the thoughtfulness of your site and artwork. Now that you have been at it (deliberate practice) for a year+, do you think it’s working? Are you more satisfied with your sketches and progress? As an artist and educator, I’m very curious about your approach. Thanks for sharing your journey.


    • Hi Jenny,
      I am so sorry that I miss your comment. Except that it seems unlikely, I would claim your comment just now appeared in my queue! I enjoy your blog and am excited you read mine. It is a little late, but here is a reply.
      On the technical side I am clearly making progress and believe it accelerated when I started taking classes this past fall. A look back into my blog and further back into my sketchbooks makes me confident I have grown. As far as communicating an idea with images, I think I am still at the same level and am looking for a breakthrough.
      Writing down a question or goal to work on helps me. I put it on a white board just as I did when I taught. When I follow through, stay focused and then examine the outcome and force myself to give words to what I did and what I think about it, I feel it makes me more observant and more fluent.
      Does this answer your questions?

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