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I began with a few of my favorite Holbein colors, quinacridone violet, jaune brillant, and ultramarine blue, and then added smaller marks with color pencils.

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A Tangle of Eucalyptus Trees

I brought this sketch home on Friday from Balboa Park, thinking I would rework it. I painted it in the middle of a sunny day, but it looks like it was painted at night. There was a paved sidewalk curving … Continue reading

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At the Window

I am used to sketching on Zoom now, but even so I had trouble drawing the model tonight. Despite a strong pose and interesting costume, my first sketch was way too tight. I got out a two-inch flat brush for … Continue reading

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Once Upon a Stool

Our Zoom model tonight was a pleasure to sketch. His poses were out of the norm and lent themselves to distortion. In this case, he leaned forward on his hands, keeping his long arms straight while he tucked his even … Continue reading

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So Cool!

My son and husband were having fun talking about something while I casually sketched them from across the room. I was charmed by their animated faces and relaxed bodies as they discussed the idea at hand. Their body language clearly … Continue reading

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The Palm Tree Next-door

I admire my neighbor’s palm tree very much. It reaches far above the other trees and changes color as the sun and clouds move across the sky. Birds in the area fly in and out of its foliage and skirt … Continue reading

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Back to Zoom Sketching

I am fortunate to be able to sketch with my cousin’s group in Fresno, via Zoom. As you all probably know, California has had to tighten up again with coronavirus restrictions, so we are back to sheltering in place. Thank … Continue reading

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