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Aspens along the Telluride River Trail

Following up on yesterday’s post, I went to another grove of aspen today, this one along the Telluride River Trail. In today’s sketch, some of the aspen trees are much closer to the viewer, giving a stronger sense of being … Continue reading

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Willows, Cottonwoods, and Cliffs

I painted the same scene yesterday, but today’s sketch is from a vantage point about a half-mile further west.

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Showers above Telluride

We are in the small mountain town of Telluride, Colorado, for a few weeks. This afternoon I biked down the valley a mile or so and sketched for a few hours. As I worked, the sky clouded, and the mountains … Continue reading

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Afternoon Shower over the Meadow

The July Monsoon season is here, complete with showers, thunder, lightning, and wind.

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Nephew on a Chair

Opportunity presented itself when my long-legged nephew sat talking to me and hugging his shin. With the deep forest behind him and his long leg dangling, it was a scene that needed to be sketched.

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The Meadow

The meadow on my brother’s land is a favorite spot for all of us. This viewpoint shows the whole expansive scene from the rocky northern ridge to the grassy area and then to Horsefly Mesa in the distance.

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A Great Nephew

My great-nephew has a bright personality and is making our reunion lively and fun, especially for those of us in my generation. He sat still long enough for me to do a quick sketch. I think you can see his … Continue reading

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