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The Zoom model today sat in her chair in a restless sort of way. Her arms and hands were relaxed but her shoulders were tense as though she were thinking through a to-do list. I accentuated her uneven shoulders to … Continue reading

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A Couch, a Book, a Son, and a Sketch

Over the years I’ve sketched my son lounging with a book many times. I admire the way he fills the couch with his relaxed limbs and comfortable presence. I wanted to capture that feeling with this painting. I usually paint … Continue reading

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Blue Sky Through the Trees

It has been hot everywhere around San Diego, even up at the Laguna Mountains, which are at 5,000 feet elevation. I found the shadiest place to stand that I could and looked around for a subject from that vantage point. … Continue reading

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Once Upon a Stool

Our Zoom model tonight was a pleasure to sketch. His poses were out of the norm and lent themselves to distortion. In this case, he leaned forward on his hands, keeping his long arms straight while he tucked his even … Continue reading

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So Cool!

My son and husband were having fun talking about something while I casually sketched them from across the room. I was charmed by their animated faces and relaxed bodies as they discussed the idea at hand. Their body language clearly … Continue reading

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In the Lagunas

I started this last week when I was painting up in the Lagunas, about an hour east of San Diego. Like many such paintings, it was not quite finished when it was time to leave. This morning, I added the … Continue reading

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Three Views of My Neighbor’s Palm Tree

A few days ago I painted my neighbor’s palm tree, and here are three more sketches of it.

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