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Guimarães and Children

We are in a new-to-us city, Guimarães, Portugal. It is an UNESCO World Heritage Site because the city has maintained its medieval character while also developing into a modern city. The city is quite a change for me from my … Continue reading

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Fixing the Leak

Our watering system sprang a big leak, which is not good when water conservation is as important as it is right now in California. It had to be fixed and I got to sketch my favorite home repairman in the … Continue reading

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Tel Aviv Corner

It was fun to take the bus down to Tel Aviv for the day with friends. We visited three small museums each honoring an Israeli founder, Ben Gurion, the first prime minister, Chaim Bialik, the poet, and Reuven Rubin, the … Continue reading

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Street Drummer

At nearly five in the afternoon Yafo Street in central Jerusalem was full of hurrying people. A street musician began to play the hang drum and people stopped to listen. I was lucky to be already sitting across the street … Continue reading

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Are You Interested?

I do not know what academic topic these two were discussing today in the Hebrew University Library’s cafe, but I thought that there was a more personal and unspoken topic being considered as well. I tried to capture the positive … Continue reading

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Jaffa Street

Downtown Jerusalem has a long street shared by pedestrians, stores, sidewalk cafes, street musician, and light rail, but not cars. I was puzzled at first by what looked like a lack of barriers between the light rail and people but … Continue reading

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Early Thursday Morning

The Jerusalem morning light pours through the blinds and adds warmth, good cheer, and a bright glare to our breakfast table. Drawing a blinding glare that obscures shape will take more practice but for now I used diffuse yellows and … Continue reading

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