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Plants on a Patio

I have been so distracted by the coronavirus news that focusing on a sketch has been quite a challenge. It felt good today to actually finish a painting. These pots are on our back deck and are such a pleasure … Continue reading

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Mother and Child

Last week my sister sent a photo of her newest grandson. It was an extraordinary shot of an exhausted new mom resting with her baby. Even in her sleep it was clear how protective the mom is of her child … Continue reading

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Day 16, Staying Put

We goofed yesterday. My husband had two colleagues over to work on some research. We thought that with a little care it would be fine to work outside in the fresh air. I made them coffee and brownies. They talked … Continue reading

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And on the 15th Day They Worked

A backyard patio, blue gloves, lounge chairs set ten feet apart, and a portable whiteboard with designated markers, that’s all it takes to make a perfect setup for work in the time of coronavirus. And a pretty good setup for … Continue reading

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Day 14: That Last Flower Petal

I walked up the hill to Trader Joes’ two weeks ago and, among other items, bought a bouquet of flowers. They were so pretty, especially in the transparent vase, and I kept telling myself that it would be fun to … Continue reading

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Day 13, Finally OK to Be a Couch Potato

I have been on a roll with my sketchbook, drawing what I want and getting a kick out it. I started this sketch with my husband’s head and worked toward the left. Then I wanted to show more of the … Continue reading

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Day 12, Talking about Coronavirus

Like others, we have been talking on the phone or Skyping more often in the last few weeks. This evening when our son called, I had my sketchbook in hand and was in the midst of a drawing. I just … Continue reading

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