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One More from Speed Painting at Aida

Yesterday when I posted sketches from speed painting at the San Diego Opera’s Aida, I overlooked this one. Today when I got to looking at it I decided I liked it for its whimsical feel.

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Climate Strike!

An amazing number of people marched in San Diego’s climate strikes today. I think there were demonstrations at a majority of the high schools and all of the colleges. I went to an afternoon gathering at the Federal Building. Both … Continue reading

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Second Thoughts

Painting from models is great, except that you need to work really fast to complete a sketch in 20 minutes. Working quickly is fun, actually exhilarating, kind of like the feeling of running or skiing downhill a little too fast. … Continue reading

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Not a Party Girl

This sketch is from a model with gorgeous hair and a quiet demeanor. With her chin down and her right shoulder raised, I thought she looked like a reluctant party attendee. I liked the way she tilted her head with … Continue reading

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The Polite Listener

It was so nice to be at the gallery and paint a live model, even if the poses were only for twenty minutes. The model was awesome, on the older side, and had a way of looking at us while … Continue reading

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An Expression of Concern

I was able to join back with my figure drawing group today and it felt great to work for three hours with such an amazing group of artists. It may only have been that the strong light flooding the model’s … Continue reading

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Describing Nature’s Beauty

There are so many ways of looking at, thinking about, and admiring nature. Some do it with words, photos, or paint, others in less common ways. Over the years I have come to appreciate the perspective of my favorite mathematician, … Continue reading

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