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Happy Halloween!

This is a fast sketch of trick-or-treaters.  It is a mess but captures the fun of the evening.  I quickly jotted down movement with a brush pen and later added watercolor and watercolor pencil. The construction of the pen brush forces me to record … Continue reading

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Reading at a cafe

I am still not clear on perspective so I am taking a very helpful online Craftsy course, Perspective for Sketchers with Stephanie Bower. I am working on single point perspective and was trying to draw two streets on a hill disappearing … Continue reading

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Just using watercolor

It was open studio again today. I worked on using straight watercolor- no drawing first in pencil or pen for guidance, or later for strengthening the impact.  Odd how daring this feels; at times I drew with the paintbrush and … Continue reading

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Two men in a coffee shop

Today I joined members of the San Diego Watercolor Society in their weekly Wednesday Paint-out. I was a little intimidated but went anyway and had a good morning of sketching at Little Italy. Feeling unsure of myself when I arrived … Continue reading

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More giraffes

I had a good day sketching at the zoo and am now having a hard time deciding which sketch to post. One of my primary goals is to tell a story with images, something that does not come easy. Today I … Continue reading

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Two friends from childhood continued

So much of what passes for conversation is often not much more than predictable exchanges, pleasant but not the type of interaction that deepens understanding or advances learning. It is wonderful when two lifelong friends get together and really talk. I … Continue reading

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Two friends from childhood

Two friends from childhood meet up and what do they talk about? Research papers, of course. I am fascinated by the look and expressions of learning and was delighted to again see it in front of me and to have the … Continue reading

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